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Random political musings during a 10 hour crisis shift…cut short

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Hope...I'm all about the hope.

Hope…I’m all about the hope.

I have been stuck on day shift Adult Crisis the past couple of days, a much different shift than my usual all night work and frankly, as much as I enjoy the work it’s been pretty fucking awful. Yesterday, a nine hour shift turned into an eleven plus hour shift because I wasn’t able to get to any of the paperwork until new workers came on. I visited every hospital emergency room in the county, some more than once and at one time, I had people in three separate rooms with doctors, police officers and social workers all vying for my attention…

It was pretty brutal, hardest day I’ve had since returning to the Midwest, the kind of day that when it was over all I could do was hit a Mexican restaurant for food and margaritas before heading home to collapse, only to wake up and come right back into work.

And here I sit, slow so far, but who knows where this day will go, but for now…some thoughts on the mind:

When the hell did it become standard for a potential Presidential candidate to pump up their resume by trashing the state they’ve been elected to govern? Walker fucked Wisconsin. Jindal fucked Louisiana. Brownback was considering it until Kansas decided to fuck him back for all the fucking he did over the past few years and now in Illinois, Governor Rauner appears to have paid close attention to Walker and Jindal and in gearing up for a possible campaign in 2020 has dropped his pants and is prepared to fuck the hell out of Illinois.

Speaking of Governors, namely Walker, Jindal and Rauner, did the GOP realize this whole “voting against their interests” thing might finally be jumping the shark so they’ve decided to up the ante by making higher education an unaffordable joke in their states, some sort of last ditch effort to keep their electorates dumb? Jindal cuts almost a billion over the past few years, Walker cuts $300 million from Wisconsin colleges while Rauner does the same in Illinois. It’s one more attempt to keep people focused on bumpersticker slogans as thought, as opposed to any kind of nuanced argument, the kind of argument that often fails the GOP and to be honest, a lot of Democratic political theories also.

Rahm Emanuel: This guy fucked the south and west side of Chicago, cutting public sector jobs, closing mental health clinics and schools and the rest of the time, pretty much just ignored any of their wants and needs. These neighborhoods are primarily Hispanic and African American. So then, right before the mayoral election, Barack Obama rides into town and praises Rahm all over the place, which Rahm quickly turns into local headlines and campaign commercials. This, from the President who was once an activist working primarily on the South Side of the city. And it didn’t work. Rahm still didn’t get enough votes to avoid a run-off election, embarrassing him and the President as African Americans abandoned him and his mayoral re-election campaign en mass. Good. Fuck them both for ignoring people in favor of all the moneyed interests, banks and corporations and essentially employing the kind of politics that makes Bill Clinton’s presidency appear in hindsight as the second coming of Albert Parsons.

Did you hear the one about the Chicago Police Department creating their own domestic “black site” in the city of Chicago? Yes. Apparently they have been operating a secret interrogation facility known as Homan Square where they routinely deny basic constitutional rights. Pesky things, like lawyers and phone calls. People are disappeared there for up to seventeen hours where according to the Guardian American citizens are kept out of official booking databases, are beaten by police and shackled for prolonged periods. Some of the people who have been held here off the books have been as young as 15. The CPD of course denies all of this, but the CPD has a long history of fucking people, just ask anyone who met Jon Burge and his merry band of torturing Chicago Police officers. Hell, ask anyone who has police contact on the South and West side. Oh yeah, and of course Rahm Emanuel knew about it. Maybe Homan square is the fucking no go zone Jindal keeps yelling about…then again, maybe he was talking about the LSU system.

Oh, and speaking of Bobby Jindal, did you hear that he has now rejected Jesus Christ and is planning a new event at the Maravich Center called “The Damnation?” After those latest polls came out showing people still don’t know who the hell he is, even after all the blathering and yelling and headline whoring he’s been doing for the past several months, even after his big prayer rally went and amped up all the faithful to do some faithing…nothing. Chirp fucking chirp in the national polls and as a result, the governor has decided to change tactics and put himself in league with Satan. The soon to be scheduled Damnation will feature Marilyn and Charles Manson, Satan for Peace, Goatwhore, a reformed Venom and a flock of goats to be burned in a bonfire while Kat Von D tattoos an inverted cross on his left bicep. It is reported Jindal will open and close the rally with a monumental black mass and LSU textbook burning, probably just throw them on the goat carcasses. Said Governor Jindal, “If people don’t know who I am after this, I mean…fuck! I don’t know what a guy’s got to do to get his name out there but hell, least I’ll get the satanic vote and frankly, that’s more votes than I’m getting right now.”

As a crisis worker, I’m about to go to an emergency room to explain to a person that he makes too much to get insurance under the affordable care act, and because his governor is running for President, he and his health needs fall into a gap created by his governor’s denial of ACA funds so yeah, good luck with that whole insulin thing. Diabetes, what a bitch! Sorry about that…but hey, vote GOP. They might have a bootstrap or two for you to pull yourself up by. Show some responsibility you fucking moocher.

Nothing to see here...

Nothing to see here…

Okay…I’m back, and guess who else is back in the news…British Petroleum! Yeah, after the Deepwater Horizon Catastraphuk, BP promised everyone a new climate of safety, safety first, safe as a motherfucker, so safe danger is a name never again spoken…until of course the United Steelworkers Union went on strike and the BP Whiting refinery on Lake Michigan, the same one that leaked all that oil into the lake, the same one that under heavy criticism just stopped delivering poison petcoke to the south side of Chicago where it was leaving schools and residential neighborhoods covered in a fine dust (probably now being shipped to Louisiana, why not? I mean…Jindal…amirite?) and the same refinery that is now operating at half staff because of the aforementioned strike…that same one…yeah, the picture to the left continues to be what safety looks like to British Petroleum, what the company is calling a minor flare-up.

Sheriff Gusman! You had one job! One! Yet still, you seem completely incapable of doing it. As the New Orleans Advocate reports, people locked up in your jail still suffer from a far too high rate of beatings, death and other assorted whatnots you’ve been tasked to prevent. According to a 140 page report published by a team of court appointed experts who toured the jail last month, the court ordered reforms are not moving “with the sense of urgency required given the tasks at hand.” Fucking serious? One job! How long have you had to work on this? How many violations do you get before they throw you in your own fucking jail? It would be interesting to see how quickly things get moving if you are mandated to reside at OPP.

Also on my news feed this morning, I’m reading about Kansas politicians who want to criminalize teaching about nude art and “harmful” books, about Idaho politicians backing a faith healer who wants to know what’s wrong with letting their child be with God, about Pat Robertson telling NASA that God didn’t put life on barren rocks and oh gee, O’Reilly apparently lied again. I call that Wednesday. I also call these people crisis clients, the only real difference being they have money, connections and television cameras. That, and unlike the majority of crisis clients I work with, these guys don’t have the insight to want any fucking help.

I’m really tired of all these fucking GOP politicians working so hard to get rid of all the public sector unions…well, all the public sector unions except for the unions belonging to cops and fire fighters, who traditionally vote Republican. Fuck that. That is political cynicism at its worst. You either are for or against these unions. They are either all bad or all good. Fuck you and your ilk for playing politics with peoples livelihoods awhile calling it responsible government. Seriously, fuck you and the Koch you rode in on…and okay.


Things are starting to pick up round here…

Before me sits a phone with many flashing red lights, which means many problems in my community, smaller problems in the grander scheme of things inasmuch as they are problems I can personally affect, do something about so I guess, it’s time for me to go…

But before I do, I gotta add that the only way I would actually vote for Jindal, or vote period for that matter would be if the governor does swear an oath to the dark lord.

At least that would make sense, considering his priorities.

Hail Satan.

It’s all about the hope, seriously.

Have a nice day…

Dax Riggs – Living is Suicide

Written by Drake Toulouse

February 26, 2015 at 7:31 AM

And then, Bobby’s plan became clear…

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Keep yelling, keep praying...keep collecting!

Keep yelling, praying…and collecting!

And it is genius.

That’s the only word I can come up with: genius.

Several articles have come out recently, describing Louisiana’s approaching budgetary shortfalls and what that might mean to the state’s health and higher education systems, stating essentially that $250 million dollars will have to be cut from the state’s health services and $300 million dollars from the higher education budget. In addition, many of the health cuts involve matching funds from the federal government so the net loss could actually be as high as $1 billion dollars while state legislators and education officials say the actual toll in higher education cuts could ultimately approach $380 million. As a result, Louisiana is looking at the closure of school campuses and a further brain drain from the community and the workforce…and for those who stick around, medical care will be harder to come by.


Sure, it might seem so…but maybe not, judging by the response of Governor Jindal. Even though it appears this might be the time to start talking about raising state revenue to cut back on these cuts, this approach doesn’t appear to factor into Jindal’s way of doing things, not at all…certainly not for a possible Republican presidential candidate.

According to one article in the Times Picayune:

“Even if the state Senate got behind a plan to generate revenue, it would still have to be approved by the Louisiana House and Jindal. Jindal, who will likely be running for president later this year, has already told several people that he won’t consider hiking anything resembling a tax, which will make it difficult to raise revenue.”

Not even consider?

This would create a bit of a conundrum.

Certainly Bobby isn’t planning to let universities close and not only lose higher education in the state, but all the businesses that operate as a result of higher education, nor would he plan on his constituents suffering medically, just so larger business and the very wealthy don’t have to betray their trickle-down bonafides. No, of course he wouldn’t…that would be kinda irresponsible and certainly a betrayal to the millions of people who live and struggle in his state, the very people he was elected to govern.

So then, there must be another solution, a different solution…a dare I say, genius solution?

Sure is, and it’s been right in front of us all along; that solution is a two-step of prayer and the presidency.

First, on the 24th would be his “Response,” the big prayer rally at LSU where he can direct all those in attendance to pray that God fills the state coffers, enabling him to make sure people can get a higher education and medical care in Louisiana, and whereas I agree this is almost guaranteed to work, just in case, on the off chance God calls in sick on the 24th, the Governor’s going to need a back-up plan, perhaps tucked somewhere in between the pages of his bible, a back-up plan like the presidential campaign.

Yes, the presidential campaign will save the state budget.

Of course it can, and it will.

We all know two things about Bobby Jindal and his aspirations: 1. He’s wicked fucking smart and 2. His presidential campaign doesn’t have a hope in hell. He obviously knows this too, but more importantly he’s certainly well aware how much candidates raise for these campaigns. Last cycle, according to Open Secrets, Barack Obama raised over $700 million dollars while Romney raised north of $400 million and this doesn’t even approach how much was actually spent which between the two candidates…well over $2 billion dollars.

So then, what if Bobby’s campaign was not to ensure he gets the GOP nomination at all? What if his real plan is to raise an obscene amount of money through various think tanks, PAC’s and other fundraising machinations, not to spend on a doomed presidential campaign but for the a bit of financial redirection, funneling these monies directly into the Louisiana budget shortfalls?


I mean, why else would he run? Best result he can hope for in the 2016 cycle is maybe a cabinet post…maybe. Saving the state budget is the only possible explanation for this guy to go out there on the national stage. And it’s a good reason, a great reason, a tremendous, almost presidential reason…almost. If you’re going to sacrifice yourself and look so foolish, what better reason is there than to ensure higher education and medical care in your state, all without raising revenue?

Awesome, the plan has finally become clear.

Godspeed, Governor Jindal, Godspeed.

Have a nice day.

Written by Drake Toulouse

January 15, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Meanwhile, in Berlin…

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Busy days these past couple of months…too busy to spend any time up here really, which can happen when you’re setting up a job and a new apartment cross the country while closing out another job you’ve been working for three years – and at the same time, just for the fuck of it, planning a trip to Germany and Denmark immediately after the move.

And so I’ve moved.

And so I’ve been to Germany and Denmark.

And now I’m home again, back in Chicago.

And did you know, in Berlin, they have a Ramones Museum? They do…and inside this museum and cafe they have a wall which has been signed by hundreds of musicians who’ve been to the museum to pay their respects and on this wall, right in the middle of it all, I found this:


Have a nice day…and see you soon.

– Drake

Written by Drake Toulouse

November 29, 2014 at 9:27 AM

A reaction to the reckless…

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You still suck...

A horrible, no good, very bad “green” company…


Yesterday, Judge Carl Barbier ruled British Petroleum was guilty of gross negligence in the lead-up to the Deepwater Horizon disaster, stating BP made “profit-driven decisions” during the drilling of the well and “these instances of negligence, taken together, evince an extreme deviation from the standard of care and a conscious disregard of known risk.” Barbier went on to say that due to the “egregious” nature of BP’s actions, if legal precedent had permitted, he would have found it appropriate to tack on punitive damages in the case.

British Petroleum, feeling justice had run its due course, nodded solemnly and agreed it was time to truly make things right by dropping any further legal proceedings and began to immediately pay claims again. They also issued a heart-felt apology to all it had harmed through it’s actions over the past years.


No…instead BP immediately threatened to appeal the ruling and called the decision “erroneous,” while insinuating the court isn’t being impartial.

Now that sounds more like the oil company we all know and loathe and so, a few reactions to these events:

1. The immediate would of course be to simply express towards BP, “Good. Deal with it you responsibility shirking, PR department hiding greed-merchants. You put profit first, ruined many and you get what you deserve.”

2. A more thoughtful response could simply be wonderment…is it possible that a mega-corporation is finally being held legally responsible for their actions, and in a way that actually helps those the company has harmed? The increased fines from this ruling will benefit coastal restoration projects, and coastal restoration is good for all in Louisiana. The oil spill did much, much damage to the coast, to the wildlife, to businesses and to people. British Petroleum made a lot of promises when this was headline news, but appears to be trying to extricate themselves from their mess as much as possible now that the media has gone. This ruling puts them financially back on the hook for their reckless behavior in a way that can make a strong impact in coastal restoration.

3. BP will appeal, of course. Why not? Nothing for them to lose here in an appeal process, nothing at all. Exxon dragged the whole Valdez thing out for how long, twenty years? So of course British Petroleum will do the same. And we haven’t even gotten to the legal arguments about how many barrels of oil were actually spilled, there being a vast difference between BP’s estimate and the government’s. With the fine potentially being $4,300 dollars a barrel, there will be a huge financial difference.

4. The government could respond to BP’s endless appeals by putting financial pressure on the company. As I wrote before, the government has some leverage, for while it is certainly BP’s right to fight each and every legal ruling with time consuming appeals while people go broke, the environment continues to degrade and the coast disappears, it is also the government’s right to step in and say, “You know what? That oil spill thing has become so contentious and we just don’t want to muddy the waters any further so, BP? Yeah, we’re just going to suspend your Gulf oil leases until this is all over, settled, until everybody’s happy and then we can move forward again as partners, in good faith.”

But for now, British Petroleum continues to drill in the Gulf while at the same time play the victim in the aftermath of their own, created destruction. They say the judge is not impartial, the people are demanding too much, we can’t be blamed for the decline in oyster harvest; there isn’t enough proof. And this goes on and on and on…all while they maintain how they’re a wonderful and even “green” company who is nothing more but your humble steward doing everything they can to right what’s wrong.

It’s bullshit…like BofA, like Chase: BP’s just another company doing some, but not enough to fix the problems they created when they put profit before all. British Petroleum should, and can do a lot more by dropping their appeals, the delay tactics and any pretense at being a victim and pay up, make good on their promises.

Much appreciation to Judge Carl Barbier for an important ruling, one that might go a ways in making sure this actually happens.

Have a nice day.

Written by Drake Toulouse

September 5, 2014 at 8:05 AM


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katrinawaterlineplaque01I wasn’t living in New Orleans when the levees failed, I was one year in on my first time in San Francisco, watching it all unfold on television just like most people not in New Orleans…the anger is still clear, as is the disbelief.

Respect and remembering those who lost and those who struggled…still struggle. And a recognition of those who still have been unable to get home. I know someone out here in SF constantly torn between going back to a place that triggers so much trauma versus staying in a place that has never been home, no matter how much he tries to make it one…

Best to him, best to all, and may those still seeking resolution nine years later, find it.

Have a nice day.

Written by Drake Toulouse

August 29, 2014 at 8:39 AM

Bobby Jindal’s desperate measuring…

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So angry, so forceful, so direct...so hollow and tired.

I need a ruler! Right fucking now!

In a recent column for Fox News, Bobby Jindal writes: “I understand that the President of the United States should not be prone to wild rhetoric.”

He writes this, but I’m not sure he really understands and he should, since he has all but announced he’s running for President in 2016. He has the think tank. He is going to all the right places: Ohio, Virginia…anywhere he can go where national organizations will give him a microphone. He’s been debating Obama for years already and has legislated in his own state in such a way that his constituents suffer (from lack of health insurance as one example) while he bolsters his GOP fringe credibility.

“I understand that the President of the United States should not be prone to wild rhetoric.”


Last week, Barack Obama spoke about the murder of James Foley, executed in a youtube video released by religious extremists. Among other things, the President said “The United States of America will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. We will be vigilant and we will be relentless. When people harm Americans anywhere, we do what’s necessary to see that justice is done and we act against ISIL, standing alongside others.”

Bobby took issue with these remarks and many other statements the President made, labeling them as “insufficient, naive and just plain weak.” In his column Bobby writes how his “blood is still boiling over the recent murder,” and though not completely sure what name these “murderous fools” go by, either ISIS or ISIL, it doesn’t really matter because obviously “their real name is EVIL.” He criticizes Obama’s call for mere justice, stating unequivocally we should be offering “death, instead of justice,” and wishing the president would use a more rhetorically appropriate phrase for justice, such as “we will hunt them down and kill them,” and not just kind of kill them, but kill them “completely.”

Yet Bobby understands that “the President of the United States should not be prone to wild rhetoric.”

Okay, but does he understand his column reads like something from the comments section to a Sarah Palin Facebook post? Does he understand that to go so overboard on his criticisms smacks of a crass political opportunism at the expense of James Foley’s family and loved ones?

If he does, Bobby doesn’t seem to care and maybe he can’t, because Barack Obama’s weakness cannot go unchallenged, Bobby is not merely “quibbling with words” here. No, “the issue is far bigger than that.” And this bigger issue is how the President is so naive, how he downplayed the dangers of ISIS and how in his remarks he asserted that “people like this ultimately fail because the future is won by those who build and not destroy.” Bobby will have none of that utopian hippie bullshit that Obama hopes will reassure Americans, making them comfortable, no way. Bobby’s got only one thing on his appropriately rhetorical mind, and that is reminding us all how we won WWII, not by building, but by destroying, perhaps inferring America should drop a nuclear bomb on the terrorist group, before finally adding, “The murderous fools who cut the heads off Americans must be destroyed, and sent to their reward, such as it is, in the next life.”

So there, fuckers!

“I understand that the President of the United States should not be prone to wild rhetoric.”


Wild rhetoric is all Bobby’s got.

His whole response in this column is just one more demonstration of his angry, fist shaking routine he directs at the White House, or the Feds, or the Anyone The Tea Party Hates, in another of a long line of desperate pleas through columns and speeches and photo-ops to get seen, get heard, get noticed…


No foreign policy necessary here…just kill these murderous fools. No need to have allies in the Middle East…destroy! No need to be concerned about our place in the world, or any interpretations of our actions by those whose support we need…murder, maim, kill! I’m hard pressed to understand how I’m supposed to take Bobby seriously when it would appear his Middle Eastern Foreign Policy would fit completely on a bumper-sticker where God gets to sort them out, but we’ve seen this all before, Jindal’s righteous indignation routine. He’s been practicing it since the days of the oil spill and it might be one thing if they held any sort of substance, but they don’t. Whether he’s yelling about Common Core, religious liberty, hostile takeovers or terrorist coddling it’s all starting to amount to just Bobby being Bobby, tailoring a reactionary response to what at other times might even be a made-up problem, anything that gives him opportunity to pound his fist and shout about it until someone gives him some attention…

Pretty please?

I’ve seen actual one trick ponies more capable of producing a surprise.

This shtick is boring, ineffective and tired. It’s Al Gore at the Gore/Bush debates sighing loudly and rolling his eyes. It’s some asshole in the stands behind home plate yelling “Swing Batter!” over and over and over again, the entire fucking game. In fact, the only way this particular column could’ve become more desperate and cartoonish is if it had been accompanied by a picture of Bobby with his pants down and a ruler in hand.

Have a nice day.

Written by Drake Toulouse

August 25, 2014 at 5:28 AM

Suspend British Petroleum’s Gulf Leases, again…

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Nothing is over...

Nothing’s over…

It was over four years ago that British Petroleum unleashed their disaster in the Gulf Coast and for four years we’ve all been hearing about how BP will not rest until they “make it right” for the Gulf and all affected by the spilled oil from the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed eleven people and have harmed tens of thousands more. We hear it. We hear it all the time. To this day, the commercials play out across television, radio, on billboards and on the internet, yet what they say is still far from the truth.

Things in the Gulf are not all right.

Instead, they have become litigious and a company that’s reaped so much profit is now spending on so many lawyers to sift through their agreements for technicalities while disputing new environmental evidence, practices that though they may follow the letter of the law and allow those at BP to sleep at night, damages the spirit of their agreements with a region repeatedly violated, turning this four year old, ongoing disaster into nightmares for those across the Gulf Coast.

So, maybe it’s time for their leases to again be suspended by the EPA until they stop fighting, accept responsibility and truly make amends not only for the known damages, but for any succeeding damage to both people and the environment not yet uncovered. Suspend their leases until their following courses of action change:

The Supreme Court Appeal

In 2012, British Petroleum agreed to a settlement with people harmed by their oil spill, an arrangement with a complex methodology that takes into account a business’s location within certain zones along the Gulf Coast and a basic formula for lost revenues and recovery. Since this agreement, BP has been challenging that some of the methodology’s covered businesses couldn’t have been harmed by the spill and has argued, repeatedly in front of US District Court Judge Carl Barbier’s court that these businesses should not be paid. Barbier has consistently and repeatedly maintained that BP entered into an agreement and should abide, that BP agreed to pay businesses according to this formula as part of a compromise and it would be disingenuous to now try to pick apart the methodology they agreed to in his courtroom.

But BP is not backing down. They instead are asking the Supreme Court to protect them from their own decisions, from their own agreements and word will come down in October from the Supreme Court on whether they will hear this appeal. It’s four years after the spill. The national media is gone from the story. British Petroleum wants out of their agreement to “make things right.”

The Medical Settlements

When the Deepwater Horizon exploded, workers were hired by the thousandfold to clean up the oil, lay and replace boom, whatever was necessary to get as much of the oil out of the water as quickly as possible. Many of these clean-up workers didn’t have protective equipment and many non-oil clean-up workers also were affected by the toxins, just by living in the area or being on or near the water. This has understandably left a lot of people in the Gulf sick, and many more could become sick later. British Petroleum is now interpreting their medical settlements not by what will make people whole for these medical complaints, but by when they were diagnosed with their ailments…a calender date that has little to do with the severity of any medical consequences and everything to do with how much British Petroleum wants to pay to settle a bill for any possible medical care.

Again, it’s four years after the spill and the national media is gone from the story. British Petroleum wants to alter their agreement and it would seem, make things just right enough for their bottom line.

Ongoing Environmental Damage

And the oil is not gone, neither is the chemical dispersant they used. Environmental damage to the Gulf Coast continues with record dolphin and sea turtle deaths as well as extensive damage to coral that show the oil spill’s footprint is both deeper and wider than previously thought. Last year, beach monitors discovered more than 46,000 thousand tar balls and over one and a half tons of submerged tar mats, and there is also evidence that the “quickly evaporating” dispersant BP dumped all over the Gulf is still there, found in tests all over the region. In addition, the oyster situation is grim with thousands of acres of oyster beds producing less than a third of the pre-oil spill harvest. Also troubling is the complete lack of oyster larvae on all of these decimated reefs, places where the oil came ashore and would seem to forecast that the oyster yields will not improve any time soon.

When confronted with any of this evidence BP sticks to standard blame shifting, citing possible other causes or saying the evidence shows nothing conclusive, a shrug of the shoulders from the latest BP spokesman before moving on and really, why not? It would appear British Petroleum is counting on the nation no longer paying attention to how, or how not concerned BP really is with the Gulf and besides, didn’t you see the commercials, the bright and shining faces, the pastoral natural scenes of sunsets and water and birds and boats and…

BP is doing quite alright, thank you

Just ask their shareholders, who must be feeling pretty good about their investment these days, especially when BP recently came to an agreement with the EPA and are now resuming business with the Federal Government in the Gulf. In fact, at the most recent auction, British Petroleum was the “highest bidder on 24 offshore oil and gas blocks out of the 31 properties it pursued in auction.” This to go along with increased dividends for shareholders, several new oil rigs coming online and a 10% increased stock price projection based on their 2nd quarter earnings in 2014.


So then…BP is fighting Deepwater Horizon business and medical settlements in court, is shifting blame on the environmental destruction they caused, the deaths to sea turtles, coral, dolphins and the decimation of thousands of oyster reefs all while minimizing the amount of oil and dispersant still in the Gulf and still washing ashore. In addition, they are again bidding on oil blocks for new oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, set to start reaping in even greater profits than before.

Again. Bully.

This is making someone right, yes…but not the Gulf.

This is seeking loopholes in settlement agreements to pay as little as possible to those they’ve harmed while laying the groundwork to make even more profit from the very region they’ve wrecked.

That’s not justice.

And in response, it would only seem fair to propose that until British Petroleum truly honors their words, they should not be permitted to continue in the Gulf. They should remain locked out from a region they’ve already harmed so much, at least until they truly account for themselves and follow the spirit of their agreements by sending their lawyers home. I understand this suggestion might seem extreme, but is it any less extreme than the belief that everyone impacted by their 2010 spill should receive complete restitution, that the coast should be rebuilt and that all medical bills should be paid, regardless of when the diagnosis occurred? I stand by those beliefs and for BP to meet this bar, it would be to keep their promises and their agreements. It would be to actually honor what they claimed they would do from the beginning: to make things right, because right now, every roadblock BP throws up in court dishonors their company, their promises and everyone affected who has to suffer, worry or leave their lives in the Gulf behind.

The EPA should suspend the leases until BP stops their squirming.

Suspend the leases and close BP’s wallets until they finally decide to open them for the purpose of paying for the damage they’ve done, without technicality, loophole or blame-shifting….and make them keep that wallet open as we continue to learn the extant of the damages they’ve caused as a result of their negligence.

Have a nice day.

And for continued coverage of Gulf Coast happenings, please continue to read:

Dambala at American Zombie.

David Hammer at WWL.

Written by Drake Toulouse

August 18, 2014 at 5:14 AM


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