Screw the Chicago Blackhawks…down with institutional racism

Yeah, I’ll say it…screw the Chicago Blackhawks. They ain’t getting no love round here at all, and I didn’t want it to be this way.

I didn’t want it this way at all.

I’m from the immediate area and after a number of years on the West Coast, I’d moved back and I really wanted to be a fan. I enjoy their fast paced play. I like the violence in their hitting, the face-off wins, the angry attitude of the team, especially with Bfuygl…however you spell it and Dan Eager. God, I really wanted to root for them throughout the regular season and the playoffs. Wanted to, but I can’t.

Damn, I even did the research…

All I needed was one Native American Tribe…one, just one…to not necessarily even approve of their logo and uniform, but to at least say they didn’t care.

But I couldn’t find one.


So screw the Chicago Blackhawks, throw ’em in the British Petroleum Oil Spill Catastrophe for all I care.

The use of Native American symbols in sports is just plain stupid. Their traditions go back much further than anything in sports, and believe it or not, to the various tribes these traditions are far more sacred than anything the Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians…etc., or even the Chicago Blackhawks have to offer. Hard to beleive for a lot of people. I get it. They say, “Get over it.” They say, “Free speech man…” Yep, I get it and I agree with free speech, agree with it completely. I’m in the line of people who think I should be able to yell fire in a crowded theater. What? It’d be funny. Tell me it wouldn’t… So, to all who think this is about free speech you can all bite my ass. And to everyone who thinks they should get over it…well, how about I burn down your house with your dog “Killer,” inside, and then name a sports team after the dog. And when we want a home run, we’ll all do the “Killer Sizzle…” Ain’t about getting over free speech. It’s just a simple matter of respect.

The way I feel…no apologies to nobody.

Over Christmas, I was talking to my brother-in-law and the subject came up. He offered up that it wasn’t about denigrating these peoples, but about showing a tribute. Well, that’s all fine and good for him I suppose, but considering that we are both white men in the United States, that’s also pretty damned convenient and not a little condescending. Yeah, we’re going to take your way of life away from you, force you to learn new languages and kill hundreds and thousands of your people…but relax, we’re going to name a sports franchise after your tribe and then trot out a mascot to make a mockery of your culture.

Imagine playing for the Pensacola Popes, that new happening basketball franchise where at halftime a pope comes out and throws holy water on the fans, or maybe the Charleston Christs, that new football team where during pre-game warm ups they crucify some dude in a robe and crown of thorns to the uprights. Instead of a coin toss to see who gets the ball first, flip a communion wafer and the losing team has to eat it. When they win, they can drink beer and champagne out of a communion cup blessed by the mascot with a full liturgy. Hymns to rev up the crowd, sacrifice sheep over a bonfire to the mascot on the uprights before field goal tries and I suppose it would give an all new meaning to the Hail Mary pass.

Just a thought…

But why hasn’t this happened?

Oh, I know…because white christians have been the dominant culture round here for awhile, thats why. The Native Americans are practically invisible, so they have to eat it with a smile. Hey man, “They’re a conquered people…deal with it!” Blow me, even when a team loses in sports, especially in hockey, everyone meets at the middle of the ice to shake hands..why? Out of respect. So, ya give more respect to a losing team than to a “conquered people?”

Stupid arrogance..wonder where that might be learned from…perhaps from all those dipshits like Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck…these morons that think they can make up for a lack of intelligence with even bigger lines of bullshit at an ever rising volume?

So yeah…I would love to cheer on the home team…would love too, but I can’t. Some things are more important to me than sports…and no, this has nothing to do with me being a Sharks fan. I hated the Blackhawks well before the playoffs…and I am reasonable, because even I would rather have the Blackhawks win instead of the Red Wings.

Dude…you’re just another PC jerk-off man.

Nope, this isn’t some politically correct screed, just respect and awareness, no more – no less. And I’m not some whiny liberal here…I’d be more than happy to walk up to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck and beat the hell out of them…one at a time or together. I do believe in anger, and expressing that anger, so when it comes to something like the denigration of a culture for the purpose of something as enjoyable as sports…I say screw you, and screw the Chicago Blackhawks.

In fact, put the entire group of teams in a crowded theater.

I’d be more than happy to yell fire…

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