Hey Sarah Palin…Would you STFU already? Really, you’re an opportunist, we get it…

Another day in the Gulf of Mexico, another pointed missive from the likes of Sarah Palin. You know, I don’t care much for Obama either, but at least he isn’t just throwing crap out to Facebook. Today she cites her executive experience as making her better qualified to handle the BP Oil Gulf Explosion Catastrophe. This, despite quitting the governorship in her first term. This despite the fact that no sane individual really values much of what she has to say. As expected, Sarah Palin did not make herself available to the press for questions, interviews, or anything else that would have required her to back up anything she might have said to anyone, anywhere at any time….that maverick.

“Pip Pip, Cheerio, who is this person?’

“It’s Sarah Palin, Tony.”

“Sarah who?”


“She is rather attractive, what, do you think she might be helpful?”

“She ran with McCain.”


“Tony, she’s the one that was the VP candidate last time round, remember, the I can see Russia from my front porch so I have foreign relations experience lady?”

“Oh, that…”


“So, do you think she could help?”

“Remember how you said you wouldn’t rest until the Gulf was cleaned up again?”

“Jesus, don’t remind me?”

“So you made a bunch of promises and then you quit, right?”

“Yeah, sure did…”

“She kind of did the same thing….”

So enjoy the article…keeping in mind one question of course.

Why If this horse’s ass could have been so helpful, could have done something to save the Gulf with all of her, ahem, experience at relating to oil executives…why oh why did she wait fifty days to say something…was she just creating suspense?


Read on, if you must…from the Times Picayune…

Sarah Palin to Barack Obama on oil companies: ‘Give me a call’

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