Bobby Jindal…Crusading for the Gulf or 2012? Blame games

Bobby Jindal for President 2012...Believe America, Believe!

Interesting article from Alternet…the high points being:

1. Still hasn’t deployed the National Guard. He has over 6000 at his disposal, has only deployed 1100 and continues to blame the feds for not giving him the 6000 he requested…

2. His office approved the oil spill plan he states isn’t effective at cleaning up the oil…but he blames the feds for this too.

3. He also blames the feds for not approving his sand berm plan that most scientists say will not work, and could actually do more harm than good.

The Louisiana governor and Republican presidential candidate for 2012…ah yes, let it begin…Bobby Jindal everybody, let’s hear it for another career politician putting himself and his aspirations above all common sense and truth…oh, and don’t get me started about his recent day of prayer for the oil spill…



Have a nice day…try to…somehow…

Is Gov. Bobby Jindal Sabotaging Gulf Efforts for Political Gain?

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