BP caught covering up the oil with sand, the photos, the Coast Guard denial

We’ve been talking about it on the internet for a week now, and John Wathen on BPOilslick got it, photos of cleanup crews with heavy loaders, dredging up sand and then dumping it on tar balls and pools of oil. Clean beach may be good for the tourist’s photos, but really bad for toxicity levels. Apparently, this is British Petroleum doing everything it can to make things right…which is why they conducted this operation in the middle of the night

This is freaking criminal and ridiculous. Even more so, then the Coast Guard denies it.

Watch the video of still pictures:

Then read the article posted to Crooks and Liars…

Why did BP cover the oil, and then the Coast Guard lie about it

If you see me walking down the street this afternoon, I’m warning you…the last thing you might want to say is:

Have a nice day.

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