Who Will Pay to Fix Louisiana? Big Oil is Big Pimpin’…

Hey America, you're looking good tonight

You mean to tell me that the short-sightedness was not the sole property of British Petroleum, that all the oil companies have been making shortsighted decision for the past 100 years, and they’ve been enabled in these endeavors by the state’s politicians?

Say it ain’t so Landrieu, say it ain’t so.

8000 miles of canals were dug through the wetlands for easier and cheaper access to oil rigs and pipes while the Army Corps of Engineers dug even larger navigation canals, requested by the industry – canals like the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, yeah, the same one that let in the storm surge and flooded New Orleans during Katrina. Twenty-five square miles of Louisiana coast disappear every year, largely from the erosion caused by these slashes through the marsh. Hey Mr. Oil Company, you broke it, you bought it…so why, asks Oliver Houck, shouldn’t the oil industry kick in their fair share to fix this mess and restore the wetlands?

Never fear, an organization called “America’s Wetlands” is on this case, pitching the idea to Congress that these wetlands must be restored, no matter the price tag, no matter the time required, and it must start as soon as humanly possible. Course, “America’s Wetlands” is made up mostly of oil companies, and according to their plan, the people who’ll pay for this restoration will be the tax-payers…not the companies who profited from this degradation, reaping incredible quarterly profits year after year.

Ever been pimped, America?

Shell oil’s trying to turn you out, and after she’s used you up, all of you Americans out there – especially in Louisiana…well, she’ll be heading off for greener pastures just north of Alaska, seeking the brightest and the best to work the cold, cold streets of ANWAR. Yeah baby – drill, baby drill!

Wear a condom.

Read on for the whole story:

Who Will Pay to Fix Louisiana? by Oliver Houck

Have a nice day.

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