Bill O’Reilly Goes Rogue, All Over Sarah Palin

I don't know Bill, is the answer...Ohio?

I’ll admit, I was getting a little nervous.

When Sarah Palin was tapped on the head a couple of years back by McCain, we watched a novice crash and burn anytime she was forced off script, it was fun; between her soundbites and GW’s, it was actually a whole lotta fun. That was a couple of years ago however, and since then she’s been doing speaking engagements, she wrote a book and has spent enough time on Fox News, my concern was she was getting practice, maybe getting better at this whole policy and public speaking thing. Month after month of coaching by informed handlers, staffers, whoever is around her at all times, fine tuning her abilities, keeping her focused.

I mean, with her appearance and down home folksiness swaying too many people already, the one trump card was always that eventually, someday, like when she runs for President in 2012, she would have to hit the grand stage and there, her lack of insight, nuance and general overall understanding of complex themes would be out of the box for all to see, like a piece of lettuce stuck in the smile of that guy at the DMV.

She had to be getting better, right?

Umm, guess not.

And who would have guessed the news personality to expose this would be Bill O Reilly?

Watch the video…

Really, watch it, it’s a good time:

Sarah Trainwreck Strikes Again

Have a good day,

I will.

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