With friends like these…Anadarko refuses BP’s bill for cleanup costs

Scott Dudley - BP PR says...

The rats, the rats, the rats are deserting BP like they desert the Mississippi River at dusk, heading into the French Quarter…

British Petroleum has given bills to the two other companies who own part of the Deepwater Horizon oil well: Mitsui received a bill for 111 million dollars and has until Monday to pay up, but so far have remained mute. Anadrarko Petroleum Corp, twenty-five percent owner of the well received a bill of 272 million in oil spill related costs and apparently, they were not amused. Anadarko is refusing to pay their share, citing their operating partners “negligence” or “willful misconduct.” BP has said it strongly disagrees with Anadarko’s allegations and in a written statement, expresses their disappointment, “Anadarko failed to live up to their obligations.”

Several oil covered pelicans, dying dolphins and whales, sea turtles and thousands of fisherman went on record saying “British Petroleum knows a thing or two about failed obligations.”

BP is currently considering their legal options to get out of the 20 billion escrow fund they comm…oops, currently considering their legal options in getting the rats to pay their “fair” share.

The rats, they do scurry…

If ever on the Moonwalk outside the quarter in New Orleans, look for the BP PR department to come running out of the Mississippi when the sun’s going down, and while you’re waiting, read on:

BP Partner Anadarko refuses to Pay Spill Bill

Andarko, Partial Owner of Deepwater Horizon Well, refuses to Help Pay for Cleanup Costs

Have a nice day.

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