Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzlies Only Come in Caucasian

Sarah’s back with a new ad for…something? I don’t know…but I still don’t really think that she’ll run for President in 2012 so much as she’ll just want a seat at the table. When she has to actually talk to somebody who challenges her, she doesn’t quite know what to do, or more importantly what to say. This will always work against her, especially in a primary when the people attacking her limited grasp of complex, world issues will be fellow Republicans. Suppose it is possible, but unlikely that she will run as an independent, or find some way to slip out of the primaries, but in either case she is definitely running with the deck stacked against her.

Here’s the ad:

According to the ad, the moms are coming and they’re not wearing lipstick and they are no longer pit bulls, now they are mama grizzlies and they don’t like what’s going on in Washington…but here’s the trouble with this spot…pay attention, and I will be specific as to what it is the mama Grizzlies want:

1. They want commonsense solutions to…uh, something…ad never really says.

2. There angry about this fundamental transformation of…something…um, ad never really says that either.

But there are a heck of a lot of white women, and apparently only white women who, they really want…they..well? They sure as hell don’t like it when their cubs are attacked by…something, I think? The Cubs are being attacked left and right by the…the St. Louis Cardinals?


So Sarah Palin is putting Washington on notice that white women the country over are really fucking pissed about a lack of commonsense solutions to a fundamental transformation that is slaughtering their cubs.

Got it, this sounds like one of her interviews.

Have a nice day.

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