Update: Caution is Watchword…

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“Caution” was the watchword Saturday for BP and federal officials searching for signs of leaks after a cap seemed finally to have stopped the flood of oil from a ruptured well that has poured crude into the Gulf of Mexico for nearly three months.

Caution in deciding that tests will continue for at least a day longer to be sure the “shut in” procedure has truly staunched the flow of oil. Caution before saying that bubbles percolating from one of the well’s casings aren’t a sign of deeper problems.

And caution even about saying that, so far, the tests seem to be going well.

“The best way to say it is that there’s no evidence that we don’t have integrity” in the now closed-in well, BP Vice President Kent Wells said. “The pressure’s building as one would expect. All the negative indicators that we’re looking for, none of them have indicated we have a lack of integrity.”

Read on…but remember two things:

1. Kent Wells works for British Petroleum.

2. If none of the tests have indicated a lack of integrity, why are they testing for an additional twenty-four hours, really…

Caution is the watchword as officials continue test, searching for leaks…

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