Have you met Clint Guidry yet? You should…

Not Tony Hayward...this man has a soul

This post is a bit dated, but nonetheless important if you missed it the first time around. Clint Guidry represents all shrimpers in Southeastern Louisiana as he is the Shrimp Harvester Representative on the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force that was created by the state’s governor. He lives in Laffite, Louisiana and refuses to work for BP because he’s worked in the oil industry before and knows the harm it can do. He spends his time instead trying to make sure that other shrimpers get their reparations, something he hasn’t had much success at, but still tries.

Back near the end of May, in Galliano, Louisiana, Guidry testified to a delegation of US Senators, Congressmen, and Agencies and departments under Obama’s administration.

Listen to a fisherman tell it…this is what he had to say…and let’s keep in mind that as the oil investigation hearings continue, will any of the men and women who testify ever be brought up on charges, for any of this? When the levees broke…was anyone charged then?

My name is Clint Guidry. I am a third generation Louisiana Commercial Shrimp Fisherman. I am sixty-two years old and a lifelong resident of Lafitte, LA. I am a Vietnam Veteran and the son of a WWII Veteran. I am on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Shrimp Association and the Shrimp Harvester Representative on the LA Shrimp Task Force created by Executive Order of Gov. Bobby Jindal. I have been invited here today to testify about the current disaster that is occurring concerning the blowout and oil spill from the British Petroleum (BP) DeepWater Horizon Catastrophe and what effects it is having on the fishermen and the families I represent.

Ladies and gentlemen, HELL has come to South Louisiana. A HELL created by British Petroleum (BP) and a failed U.S. Government response to the disaster. First of all I would like to put into perspective BP’s role in this disaster and show them for what they are. BP committed fraud in furnishing oil spill response data required to obtain a permit to enable them to drill the MC 252 location. The reality is they were not prepared to handle or control a blowout and resulting oil spill of this magnitude. Simply put, they LIED.

BP, in their haste to cut corners and save money in the completion process on the well location at MC 252, exhibited willful neglect in their duties to complete the well safely which led to the blowout and explosion that killed eleven people. Eleven souls that will never come back. Eleven families with mothers and fathers and wives and children

. Children who will never see their fathers again. This neglect and loss of life constitutes negligent homicide and all involved should be arrested and charged as such.

Continue reading his statement, effective, powerful and one to be remembered…he is just one of thousands experiencing similar fates, right now…while BP continues to cut corners on their promises, and while the Feds continue to let them do it…

Read on:

Hell has come to South Louisiana- article by Dahr Jamail

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4 thoughts on “Have you met Clint Guidry yet? You should…

    1. No kidding, small world…stumbled onto that statement a few weeks ago and it knocked me over…the frank honesty was so refreshing in the light of all the BS that comes out of the Gulf day after day. Love your blog too, keep up the hard work; it’s one of the reasons I decided to give the whole blogging thing a shot, that and something to do with all the frustration…

  1. love ur web site very impressed. got the kids pictures last night they are beautiful. thanks for everything oat

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