Dan Hampton, Somewhat of an Ass

Just hired by BP as their new spokesman

Dan Hampton, former Chicago Bear and present day jack-ass, in offering his expert commentary to the NFL network had this to say about the upcoming Thursday night match-up between the Vikings and New Orleans Saints at the Superdome, “If you watch that playoff game last year, the Vikings need to go down there and hit that town like Katrina. I think the Vikings go down there and get it done.”

Good for you, Dan, brilliant.

But he didn’t stop there…

He added that Carolina will fly into the new Giants Stadium and blow it up like the Twin Towers, Indianapolis will go all Enron on Reliant Stadium and turn the Texans into another bunch of broke pensioners, Atlanta’s going to shove Pittsburgh into a closed off, bar bathroom for allegedly consensual sex, Detroit will burn up the Bears like they were citizens in the Chicago fire and San Diego will ride on the warpath into Kansas City, scalping every last Chief they can find or at least slow down their run game with smallpox.

Inevitably, when he is forced to apologize either by released statement or in person, is it too much to ask that someone just kick him in the balls? Really…my birthday’s coming up; consider it a present…just go find Dan and “get it done.”

Watch the video:

Dan Hampton Thinks Vikings Need to Hit New Orleans ‘Like Katrina’

Have a nice day…oh, and yeah, just one swift kick.

I’ll owe ya.

Go Saints!


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