“Voters Can Make up Their Own Minds”- Bobby Jindal, and to Help, Watch the Dem’s New Video

Why? Did you not watch the news in 2007?

Jindal refused to weigh in on David Vitter’s re-election campaign yesterday; when asked by a local reporter if he would endorse the incumbent Senator in his race over the Democratic challenger, Charlie Melancon, Jindal replied that “voters can make up their own minds.” For Jindal, assuming the governor is positioning himself for a run at the 2012 presidency, it was certainly the safe choice.

In the Republicans’ current tea party atmosphere, GOP candidates that don’t walk the walk are occasionally bounced and as Jindal runs on strong family values, an endorsement of Vitter with his prostitution scandals could backfire. Vitter also enjoys a seemingly unshakable double-digit lead over Melancon so the endorsement is not all that necessary. Jindal tried to downplay the sting of his statement by saying he doesn’t get involved in national races, but recent history shows this isn’t the case. The governor did formally endorse Woody Jenkins in his failed bid for Congress, was a special guest at a fundraiser for Baton Rouge Rep. Bill Cassidy’s campaign and even more recently is scheduled to attend a Republican fundraiser in Minnesota with that state’s Governor, Tim Pawlenty and their Rep. Michelle Bachman. While the Minnesota fundraiser is for the Republican party, it is curious he would be attending an event that will certainly be played up by Rep. Bachman in her national race for reelection, while still denying Vitter an endorsement.

Meanwhile, Louisiana Democrats have created the website, http://www.forgottencrimes.com which includes a reenactment of David Vitter’s prostitution scandal and has all the budget quality of the television show, Cheater’s. This would seem to indicate that as far as the money race is going, their funds must be low. The democratic candidate, Charlie Melancon, in trying to overcome that double-digit lead has proposed a debate schedule between he and Vitter, calling for five debates before the November 2nd election. Vitter has not agreed to these debates with his spokesperson, Luke Bolar saying that Vitter instead has agreed to participate in several public discussions, including a candidate forum sponsored by Alliance for Good Government, and a Tea Party organization in Northern Louisiana.

The questions at the public discussions? More likely to be scripted.

The audiences at the public discussions? Much more likely to be pro-Vitter.

This would of course appear to show: Republican Senator David Vitter – hates uncontrolled environments, but loves prostitutes.

Watch the video

Have a nice day…

…trying to keep the images out of your mind.

One thought on ““Voters Can Make up Their Own Minds”- Bobby Jindal, and to Help, Watch the Dem’s New Video

  1. Both parties give me a strong urge to vomit at this point. I don’t know who I will vote for in 2012. I don’t know if I should bother.

    That being said, I have created a Dispersant Timeline
    It is not exhaustive, but I know this will interest you. I will also be posting prompts for people keeping journals for legal purposes in the Gulf Shortly. I hope you stop by.

    Also here is something that will put a kink in your shorts

    We are sandwhiched between the party of nonuts and the party of wingnuts.

    I do not care to speculate which is worse. They are running neck and neck.

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