7 thoughts on “The Problem with Sandcastles

  1. “The appearance that all is well with the Gulf is becoming more important than the reality that all is well with the Gulf.”

    We have always been at war with Eastasia. Time to start doing public readings of 1984 for the kiddies, maybe on the beach in lieu of building those sandcastles…

      1. My son cut his teeth on sci-fi. He handicapped the last presidential election. I can get him to grok 1984, but I think Walden is going to be beyond his nine years, never mind the Vollmann. (When I wrote kiddies, I meant kiddies. It’s their future they need to train for.) I might have him sit and watch The Corporation on dvd, though.

  2. Yes, I suppose Vollmann is not for everybody, but I say, never too young and I would have to argue that if one is young enough to get 1984, then the finer points of Walden should not be lost…


    1. Well, perhaps I was being a little old school there in application; I myself didn’t read Thoreau or Emerson until 10th grade, but he is me in hyperdrive. Kid’s picked up tracts as diverse as Patti Smith’s last biography and Alice in Wonderland & Philosophy (William Irwin, editor). I don’t think he’s quite finished either one, but he did read a condensed version of Pride & Prejudice in 2nd grade, and I never know where his urges will take him. I’ve been feeding him graphic novels lately, just to counter television as an influence. Look! Pictures! And they move in your head!

      I’ll put Walden on his shelf. If he reads it by Christmas, I’ll buy you a beer (alkie or non).

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