NOAA, EPA Says 40 Fold Increase in Gulf Carcinogens is Safe

Doing the analysis, so you don't have to

Okay, so maybe they didn’t say that directly, but what else are we to assume if these two agencies, designed to protect and inform the American electorate tells us the water and air in the Gulf of Mexico are safe despite independent testing by Oregon State University that shows this dramatic elevation in PAH’s?

And yes, exposure to some of these Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons have definitive toxic effects within humans and animals…toxic effects like cancer, and these PAH’s can move into the food chain.

From the article in HuffingtonPost:

What’s worse is that the sampling device was specifically designed to measure the fraction of PAHs in the environment that could make their way through a biological membrane.

“This is a measure of what would enter into an organism,” said Kim Anderson, an OSU professor of environmental and molecular toxicology.

“There was a huge increase of PAHs that are bio-available to the organisms — and that means they can essentially be uptaken by organisms throughout the food chain.”

Also in the article, Anderson said that going by other people’s findings, it is her suspicion that the use of dispersants has made it easier for the toxins to enter the food chain, the theory being that as the dispersants break the oil into smaller and smaller particles, these particles are more easily absorbed by sea life.

These readings were taken in June by OSU, and they are currently analyzing August samples for changes. The problem is, even if the readings come back lower, how much of these toxins have already entered the food supply and the people of the Gulf Coast, especially as we read reports and testimony of people already sick and doctors being harassed when they identify these sicknesses as being caused by the poisons unleashed by both the oil spill and the response?

So yes, all of this begs a question:

If more and more scientists, as they do more and more testing and analysis, find more and more wrong with the information released by the Obama Administration, the EPA, the NOAA and British Petroleum, is it simply this company and these government agencies belief that we, as consumers will be more and more ignorant and continue to accept their conclusions and go about our lives, more and more oblivious and poisoned?

It would seem so, yes.

Read the article:

Researchers Found 40-Fold Increase in Carcinogenic Compounds in Gulf – Dan Froomkin

Have a nice, toxic day.

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