So Much for Apologies…

Because I am the law, and you don't want to fuck around no more

This just in:

The White House did in fact, not, hold any information back from the American public. They vehemently deny the conclusions of the Oil Spill Commission, the same commission they created.

So much for mea culpa’s from the Obama Administration.

So much for regaining lost credibility.

Despite their own commission’s evidence to the contrary, Robert Gibbs, White House Spokesman said the White House gave us “the most accurate and timely information” regarding the flow rate of oil from the busted Macondo Well…as it became available of course.

And how do we know this as the truth?

Because Robert Gibbs said so.

Did I mention I don’t feel any better? Oh wait, yeah I did, I mentioned it yesterday.

Read the article:

White House says it didn’t withhold oil spill info

Have a nice day.

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