BP Dares You to Care…Re-drilling?

Spill? Oh please, that was so last week...

With the lifting of the moratorium, oil rich eyes turn back to the Gulf of Mexico and the inevitable question was asked…will British Petroleum go after the remaining oil in the reservoir and tempt fate once again? BP officials wouldn’t comment on this, choosing to remain silent on their plans, but they are thinking about it.

C’mon, you know they are…

Back on August 6th, BP’s Chief Operating Officer, Doug Suttles said at a press briefing , “There’s lots of oil and gas here…we’re going to have to think about what to do with it at some point.” Experts estimate 100 million barrels of oil remain in the reservoir.

As the media shifts their coverage away from the Gulf, as people across the country stop paying attention, I would imagine British Petroleum exec’s are now doing some serious thinking. Will the hit they possibly take in the press be worth the profits of retrieving the oil? Would that hit be a one shot press story or would it still have enough resonance to entice editors and the publications’ owners to keep going with it?

I imagine the PR flacks at BP headquarters are pretty busy these days, trying to determine how much this country remembers and/or cares. They’re trying to figure out if the press story, “BP Re-taps Reservoir” would be the lead, or filler? Will it be on page one of the New York Times or page four, section B?

Hard to say right now, but I do know this: every day since that well has been capped, the balls of BP seem to get just a little bigger, new safety division or not, and each press cycle they stay largely free from appears to give them more freedom to just slap another ad on the television and go about making their plans…

Will they drill again?

Call me a cynic, but I’m putting my money on greed.

Read the article,

BP Silent On Future Plans In Gulf Of Mexico After Drilling Moratorium Lifted

Have a nice day.

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