BP Spits Over Rand Paul’s Shoulder

Me speak words, me get money, me get senator

On the Sunday morning talk shows, Rand Paul, Kentucky’s newest senator criticized Barack Obama for being too harsh with British Petroleum. “I didn’t think the president or his people should say something like putting the boot heel on the throat of a business. I didn’t like that,” Paul said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation. His main point of contention appears to be that Obama set the wrong tone, engaged in creating an atmosphere that is unfriendly to business.

Ya, I get it, boot heels and throats are a rather unfriendly way of speaking to an oil company, however considering that this oil spill occurred almost seven months ago, and yet no charges have been brought against anyone, I would say that BP, Halliburton and Transocean, yet again, are getting off light for, yet another, accident.

Rand, people died, again, just like in Texas City.

An ecosystem is fucked.

People are sick and getting sicker.

And how many times are we, as Americans, supposed to buy into this argument that we have to bend over for big business or they’ll move their jobs to another state or another country? The same thing always seems to happen: soon after the politicians and communities give (insert corporation here) whatever concessions they demand, in a couple of months or years, the corporations then go ahead and close the factory anyway, all the while making a large short-term profit. That kiss ass argument is making less and less sense every time a corporation pulls this off.

Shit, even sports teams are getting in on the swindle, the big blackmail…give me a stadium or I’ll steal away a part of your city’s identity.


Because they can.

And as Rand Paul was playing nice with BP, what does British Petroleum stand recently accused of?

Not paying their bills.

BP terminated the contract for one of its biggest cleanup contractors, a contractor now reporting that BP owes them tens of millions of dollars for services already rendered and BP’s apparent unwillingness to pay has left the contractor DRC unable to pay hundreds of cleanup workers. DRC claims they are owed $50 million dollars for work done in Plaquemines Parish and $35 million dollars for Jefferson Parish. DRC spokesman Richard Angelico said BP wanted DRC to do the same work for less money, and they wanted to make those rate cuts retroactive, thus depriving DRC money for work already agreed upon.

BP, trying to save money, again.

Gulf Coast residents, getting screwed again.

Rand Paul, an idiot, again.

Perhaps if Barack Obama would have been nicer, BP would pay their bills on time? Yeah, sorry Rand. I don’t buy it. That sound as you hugged BP into your embrace was British Petroleum spitting over your shoulder into the Gulf Coast, again.

Have a nice day.

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