Obama, BP…remain silent…about health, and everything else

Only if I'm re-elected...maybe.

As told before, but it bears repeating, the LEAN network released the blood test results from 12 Gulf Coast residents that were sampled in September, November and December and here’s the results:

Benzene: 4 blood samples, 11.9 to 35.8 times higher than the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Educational Survey) 95th percentile.

Ethlybenzene: detected in all twelve blood samples, all in excess of the NHANES 95th percentile.

m,p-Xylene: Eleven blood samples detected levels higher than the NHANES 95th percentile.

Hexane: All twelve samples had hexane in their blood.

2-Methylpentane: Again, all twelve samples.

3-Methylpentane: All twelve.

Isooctane: Eleven of the twelve.

And what do these twelve people get for playing?

The possibility of contracting anemia, leukemia and other forms of cancer, ovarian shrinkage, damage to hearing and the ear, dizziness, kidney and liver damage, respiratory distress…etc…


Certainly, it could be oil spills, chemical exposures and dispersants.

From Cherri Foytin – co-founder of the grassroots group Gulf Change when speaking to the president’s oil Spill Commission:

“Today I’m talking to you about my life. My ethylbenzene levels are 2.5 times the [NHANES] 95th percentile, and there’s a very good chance now that I won’t get to see my grandbabies.”

It should be noted, promises have been made to reopen the health issues at the White House. It should also be noted that British Petroleum has been promising for seven months to “make things right,” and Ken Feinberg, arbitrator of the GCCF has been promising greater transparency in the claims process. But unless BP has found a cure for cancer and Feinberg has found a cure for legal obfuscation…perhaps we shant hold our breath on the White House, who appears very busy lately, working with large-scale banks and corporations to divide up the rest of this country, while cutting payroll money to fund social security.

Oh, and of course we should note that Feinberg continues to beam with pride about his quick pay settlements that over 60,000 Gulf Coast residents have taken…and if they get sick, will now have no recourse to sue BP and a hundred other companies as a result.

Concern for the Gulf?


Make things right?


The only people concerned about the Gulf of Mexico are the same people BP, the Feds and the GCCF trinity of negligence are desperately trying to forget about, leave behind, push out of the news cycles…and that would be the people who live there, who are suffering there, who are trying to put their lives back together after being forgotten by the federal government, again…

Rosina Philippe, an Atakapa tribe member from the bayou says she won’t feel safe “until things stop dying.”

Here’s hoping the White House gets a fucking clue soon because when the mainstream press started taking pictures of all that oil covered wildlife, the country freaked out and his approval ratings dropped. Okay then, how about pictures of residents dying in hospital beds while you offer condolences, and apologies that when it was necessary you did and said, nothing.

Or is that just a problem for some future administration?

Have a nice day.

4 thoughts on “Obama, BP…remain silent…about health, and everything else

  1. i was wondering if you seen artical written by al jezeera. Ya, al jezeera it is more informative than anything the mainstream american media has wrote. the artical is called, gulf coast fighting for recompense.

    1. I have been following Al Jazeera’s coverage, yes, some of the best…esp on issue of oil spill, not as beholden to corporate power structure as mainstream American press. Unfortunately, what many consider to be reporting with an anti-American slant is not so much anti-American as it is honest…


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