Down the Rabbit Hole…

The mind works in mysterious ways...

Hey everybody, a couple of days without posting, bit out of character for me but felt the need to take a step back for a couple of days as the rabbit hole I slipped into was feeling a bit deep…

That, and the goings ons on Saturday in Wisconsin and nationwide were consuming my attentions…more to say about that coming, including the way they relate to the Gulf Coast. Hope all are enjoying, or doing their best to enjoy the festival season…see ya Tuesday morning.

Oh, one more thing…

Obama? Yoo-hoo! Obama?! Where are you? What, we need a Libya scenario here before you finally start to pay attention to the people who worked so hard to elect you, and the fighting they are doing on behalf of their own rights?

Hello? Obama? Still there?

You still President of the whole country, or just one percent of it?


Have a nice day…

– Drake

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