Expensive...but the feeling? Priceless...

Why am I still hearing public relations ads for British Petroleum on my car radio in the morning? Deep southern drawls from the one shrimper who is able to get a reportedly decent catch…it’s all good, didn’t you hear?


Because I’m unwilling to wreck my car to make it stop, unlike my television which I broke months ago…

Have a nice day.

3 thoughts on “Question…

  1. I hate the BP ads. Almost every website has a popup letting you know that they have made us whole and they cleaned their mess. Radio, TV, newspaper, if they would get that money to those whose lives they screwed up instead of advertising.

    If you look at the GCCF stats each day you will see how slowly they are proceeding. And it’s not because allegedly only 20% of the claimants have documentation. They are not close to finalizing 20%. On 03/02 they paid 56 interim claims of 58,950. Only 2 of those 56 were business claims.

    On 03/02 they show a total 9,121 final offers made. On 03/01 they showed a total of 9,230 final offers made, so yesterday they actually show 119 LESS offers than the day before. Are they just careless or are they retracting offers they already made? And NONE or the accepted final offers (not quick pay) have been paid, except for those 2 that have been paid.

    If there are 80% of claims lacking documentation, why do the stats show “Claimants requiring additional information” as 12,136? If he knows there are many more, why are the claimants not being informed? I wonder if the 12,136 listed have even been informed.

    I thought Feinberg’s only agenda was to save BP money, but now I do believe that he wants to have us in ruins. There is no reason to move this slowly other than to do harm to people and business. If GCCF made an offer and the claimant accepted, get the money out ASAP. Making them wait is only doing them more financial and emotional harm. And he knows this. There is no excuse to only pay 56 interim claims in a day. Of course, give the master a microphone and he will spew a sentence or two that will make you think he is processing claims faster than anyone could, and if the GCCF is not making more progress, it is the claimants fault. Perhaps they signed a document in blue ink instead of black or there was a paperclip mark at the top left of one of their forms.

    When Feinberg was in Washington a few weeks ago Sen. Mary Landrieu told him she would like to meet again in about 2 weeks to see how things have progressed. What happened to that meeting? Feinberg refused to give Sen. David Vitter the information on the status of a few claimants Feinberg promised to help at a prior town meeting. He had promised the claimants to research their particular claim when at a town hall meeting, then when Vitter brought it up to him he promised he would update Vitter, only to respond to Vitter via letter that it is confidential. These people are asking for Vitter’s help, they want the GCCF to share their claim info with him.

    The final offers and interim payments are so measly it is like they are spitting on us. I have no doubt that many people will settle for the tiny payment just in hopes that even if the money only helps them get through a couple of weeks maybe things down here will change drastically for the best by then and they can hold on. It is day by day for many good, established businesses and things are desperate. At this point with the amounts the GCCF is offering (and who knows how many weeks or months it will take to receive the payment) all the money will do is pay off late fees and interest.

    Why Feinberg is allowed to carry on like this, week after week and month after month, and no entity has any authority over him baffles me. Why with the number of people and businesses this has affected are we still deemed irrelevant enough to ignore. The people at the local offices and Ohio call center are useless other than to get your paperwork into the system. I still look forward to the day I wake up and find the GCCF has changed direction and is getting claimants the payments they deserve without delay. Of course, that would mean BP wants to make good on their promises and obligations and we all know that isn’t going to happen, and without pressure from anyone in power, why should it?

  2. pressure bp find away to put it back on front page start suing the other 120 compaines on release they inturn call bp put pressure on them

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