6 thoughts on “BP certainly has a way with the catchphrase…a personal thanks to Bob

  1. Drake this is Brad again just got back from a trip in the gulf as I have told you before things are fucked up. I cant make a living off what I am catching and what I do catch should I sell to people for consumption that I know may be doing them harm I am in a no win situation here just wanted to let you know what was up u

    1. Thanks for the update, Brad…man, gotta say, I don’t know what to say…except to wish the best to you and my hopes that this all improves. I’ll keep writing, and you keep telling everyone you know…and who knows what might happen when this anniversary date rolls around in a few weeks…

      This situation is untenable…


  2. damn damn damn… us oilfield works have waited a year to finally get again the big shut down. for the first 8-9 months, non deep water rig workers /cooks/captains, –and the such the service the rigs were left out the GCCF’s claim process and again now GCRPF Rig Workers Assistance Fund. This asses out of coastal people because we’re the one servicing the rigs. The guys permanently on them deep water rigs are not even from here..they are specialists and when the oil spill happens they were relocated–support workers-like me a painter and many other divers/tenders/riggers/welders/roughnecks/and the list goes on of thousands of local offshore jobs

    GCRPF=BP controlling the 100 million fund
    GCCF=BP controlling the 20 billion dollar fund
    coincidence???u guess

  3. Here’s what is fascinating about all of this – even on an article with useful information about a disastrous act by BP, there is an automated google link for bp.com, so that they can give you their pov. The FOCUS for BP is their image and an ability to continue making billions of dollars, and a reion’s ecology, environment, and economy do not factor in. They did a fairly good job of inundating the public with their “make them whole” (yuck) advertisements so that most people out of the area think, oh, okay, they got this pretty much handled I guess, now how I’m gonna pay for this $4 gas? And what the hell just happened in Japan? Libya? With my company’s health insurance? There’s a lot of news to fight with.
    BUT, (and maybe worst of all) I truly believe the ONLY hope the folks down there have is to make enough noise that it becomes a cost benefit for BP to make them shut up. Period. The courts are NOT going to be on their side. BP has already secured the district for these fights – and of course it is out of Houston, where Joe “I’d like to apologize to BP” Barton’s the rep, and where BP has had much success in the courts prior. I feel horrid for everyone who has lost their business/ability to do business/had prohibitive debt/damage heaped upon them based on promises and the abject desperation that led many of them to have to work for BP in the VOO program to begin with. It is an evil thing being done to these folks and I am afraid their fates are going to mirror those of the Exxon Valdez. Left with nothing but a life altering mess and getting to watch as a corporation becomes wealthier in the meantime. (And not even safer

    1. Very well put, I’ve dome some digging into how to kill pop-up ads on this site, and it would appear to be the fault of fucking wordpress, even though I purchased my domain name. I may jump to another platform once the year is up…


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