Texas Goes Nuclear…

Well, I suppose if the remaining fish glow in the dark, they'll be easier to catch...

Wow, just wow…

One of Bobby Jindal’s corporate buddies made the news today…

Turns out that the nuclear industry in Japan has a horrible safety record, which some experts are suggesting is partly to blame in the severity of the meltdowns as a result of the earthquake and tsunami.

And now, the Japanese nuclear industry is coming to America.

TEPCO, the Tokyo Electric Power Company is coming to Texas to build two nuclear plants and they apparently have a safety record that could make even British Petroleum look like, well…like a different oil company than British Petroleum.

Anyways, all nuclear power plants have to be certified for “SQ” or Seismic Qualification be it Japan or any other place and the easiest way to do this is to lie, something the industry apparently does a lot of. In 1988, a nuclear plant in Shoreham, New York was told they didn’t  meet their “SQ,” and in order to do so, it would have cost one billion in updates. Instead of spending the money, the company in charge of the plant told their engineers to simply change the tests from “fail,” to “pass.”

So, guess what company put in the false safety report?

Stone & Webster.

Guess what Stone & Webster is now?

The nuclear division of Shaw Construction.

Guess what company is going to be working with TEPCO on the new nuclear plants in Texas?

Oh yeah…

The Gulf really needs this right now.

Read the article:

Some Experts Cast Doubt On Official Version Of Radiation Leakage – And Safety

Have a nice day.

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