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  1. oystermans wife says:

    I think we have finally gotten out of this whole GCCF/Feinberg ZOO!!!! I checked the website this morning and it says my husband’s QuickPay (my ass) Final has been Paid!!
    Are the leprechaun’s playing a trick on us this morning! Or after 79 days have we finally gotten closure?! I will let you know once the check has been cashed!

  2. Brad Wright says:

    Drake this is Brad again. We are moving our operation to Key West in hopes of a better catch who in the hell is going to pay for this move? I am about ready to slit my wrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Keep the info flowing Brad

  3. billy andrews says:

    Guess,what my claim has been submitt in november and the gccf facility, cant find my claim,and they are telling me am in review. what do you think of that.

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