4 thoughts on “Well Ken, I suppose congratulations are in order?

    I think we have finally gotten out of this whole GCCF/Feinberg ZOO!!!! I checked the website this morning and it says my husband’s QuickPay (my ass) Final has been Paid!!
    Are the leprechaun’s playing a trick on us this morning! Or after 79 days have we finally gotten closure?! I will let you know once the check has been cashed!

  2. Drake this is Brad again. We are moving our operation to Key West in hopes of a better catch who in the hell is going to pay for this move? I am about ready to slit my wrist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Keep the info flowing Brad

  3. Guess,what my claim has been submitt in november and the gccf facility, cant find my claim,and they are telling me am in review. what do you think of that.

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