Chicago Blackhawks Deathwatch…Game 4

This is Patrick Marleau. Patrick would kick Feinberg's ass with one hand, in 2.3 seconds, while eating a sandwich and sending a text message to the Blackhawks, you know, to remind them how much they suck...

It might seem strange for a picture of a San Jose Sharks player on the Blackhawks deathwatch, but when Chicago wins 7-2 over a Vancouver team that appears to have forgotten to leave their hotel while San Jose goes down by four goals, only to score five goals of their own in the second period, and then go on to win it in overtime  by a score of 6 to 5, well hell, what do you expect? The last time a team came back from four goals down in the playoffs was 26 years ago…

Go Sharks!

Vancouver plays Chicago, game five on Friday night in Vancouver, and that should be all, folks…

Have a nice day.

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