4 thoughts on “And so it begins: Year Two…

  1. Does anyone know what happens after we receive one of those letters about NOT receiving a Quick Claim payment due to an investigation? I just received one and am in shock. I thought there were “no questions asked”??? “No further documentation required”? I’d love to hear what others are finding out. I have documentation, but don’t want to turn it over to Guidepost.

  2. Until a change in the inadequate toxic response with no end point use of corexits stops, no one can believe anything is safe. The label on the corexits state they are toxic poisonous potentially lethal chemicals being applied even today. There are numerous fisherman, and divers, and other parties going out and discovering huge slicks and tar mats. So for anyone to tell anyone else anything in the Gulf is safe is absolutely showing unbelievable disrespect for to the public. ( for one to lie directly to another face in spite of the visual evidence is showing no respect for that person, EPA stop lying to our faces!!! EPA you know and have used the non toxic alternative that can restore the Gulf to pre spill conditions and yet you refuse to fulfill your charter and do what the tax payers pay you to do, protect the natural resources of the united states of America and the health safety and welfare of its citizens!!! The means to do this is one phone call away to the number of the OSEI Corporation which you can get by accessing your own NCP list and utilize this safe and experienced product NOW. To continue to lie to people’s faces telling them that while you allow are horribly toxic chemical in the gulf (Corexits) on already toxic oil everything will be safe is disgusting and not believable. If it is safe you start eating the seafood on camera, and you swim in the water your self daily to prove it is safe. There is a safe alternative start doing the right thing today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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