Now, BP’s being sued for price manipulation…

Coincidence...she is a friend indeed...

So, you know about BP’s past year in the Gulf Coast…

And you may have heard a little something about their travails in Alaska…that whole thing about being ordered to pay $25 million in civil fines for not properly maintaining their pipelines, which resulted in two additional spills in Prudhoe Bay…

Oh, but that’s not all…when your company is this focussed on ethics and safety, you know they couldn’t stop there.

Have you heard the one about the price manipulation?

Oh yes, Green Desert Oil Group has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco on behalf of 15 companies against British Petroleum. Ya see, it turns out British Petroleum may be playing this little game with its timing of gas deliveries…

Here’s how it works:

Every day, by 1pm, British Petroleum informs its franchise owners of any change in the price for fuel and every day, those new prices become effective at 3pm.

So, if the fuel price goes up, on that given day they don’t deliver the fuel until after three…you know, supply problems.

But if the fuel price goes down, you better believe they get the fuel there before the price goes down…the traffic was really light today.

It’s a win-win for British Petroleum and it’s a lose-lose for gas station owners.

And with thousands of gas stations nationwide, how much do you think British Petroleum might be making on this little scam?

Maybe enough to pay Ken Feinberg his monthly salary.

That’s right…British Petroleum…making things right all across this country…one gas station, one scam, one pipeline rupture and one exploding Deepwater Horizon at a time…

Have a nice day.

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