Hey Iron Rail, welcome back…

Out with the old and in with the new...

The Iron Rail, formerly of the Marigny until the NOPD decided to get all legal on them…ah, Ronal, remember the good old days, back when your life was so less complicated? Anyways…the Iron Rail is back, with new digs in the French Quarter at 503 Barracks St and Friday night is their grand opening from 4-10pm.

For those so inclined and even those not so, please drop on by and give ’em some support. Congratulations…hope it all works out…

And also, for those who might be anarchistically minded…check out this newly discovered site…well, new to me anyways… go ahead and expand your horizons at Nola Anarcha

And to the New Orleans Ladder…thanks for making me aware…

Have a nice day.

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