Scientific Frustration…

What's the fuss, didn't you read Feinberg's methodology? All will be A-OK by 2012

Here’s the frustrating thing:

From an article in the Times-Picayune about the recent dolphin deaths, discussed is how the oil and dispersants used to clear up the spill “may” have disrupted the food chain…leading to the death of the dolphins.

And it goes on to say that though this could contribute to the calves dying, “there are other possible explanations.”

So, in a court of law, this means zero.

British Petroleum, many months ago, put on a big push to buy as many of the region’s scientists and university science departments it could, all in preparation for eventual court proceedings…and as the courthouse draws ever closer, what is believed versus what can be proved looms ever larger.

Asking any of the fisherman in the Gulf how things are going, what they notice, what they’ve seen, at least as evidenced in e-mails I’ve received, comments on this blog and in various newspaper articles, the Gulf has changed. And do people believe this change comes as a result of the oil spill?

Yes, they do.

But can they prove this in a court of law?

That remains to be seen, and that’s what worries me.

Read the article:

Gulf of Mexico oil spill may have indirect role in dolphin deaths, researcher says

Have a nice day.

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