Congratulations, David…

Congratulations, and thanks much for the continued coverage of the spill and aftermath…

Times-Picayune reporter David Hammer won a national environmental reporting award Monday for his coverage of the BP oil spill. The Society of Environmental Journalists announced the winners of the 2010-2011 Awards for Reporting on the Environment.

Hammer reported on the risky decisions and lax safety practices that led to the April 20, 2010, explosion on the Deepwater Horizon, which killed 11 and unleashed the largest oil spill in U.S. history. Many of the issues his reporting raised were later discussed in the report from the national commission that investigated the spill.

He was named as the outstanding beat reporter in a small market, defined by SEJ as a circulation of less than 200,000.”

Read the article:

Times-Picayune reporter David Hammer wins award for Gulf oil spill coverage

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations, David…

  1. I trust you won’t mind if I plug this panel, featuring David Hammer and some guy named Drake Toulouse, at Rising Tide 6? (Register now.)

    Panel Discussion: Re-capping the well
    The aftermath of the Macondo oil disaster and the future of the Gulf Coast. A discussion about how what’s just happened over the past year will affect the land and the people for years to come.

    Moderator: Alex Woodward – staff writer, Gambit, covering the environment, arts and culture of south Louisiana.

    Anne Rolfes – Founding director of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. Anne began her organizing career in West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo. It was there that she first witnessed the destruction of oil production. After six years of working on Nigerian issues, Anne returned to Louisiana in 1999 to protect her home state from petrochemical pollution. Anne was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana where many people made their fortunes from the oil industry. She has seen the wealth and the poverty created by oil production and seeks to make the industry more equitable. In October 2007 Anne was recognized by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a Community Health Leader.

    David Hammer – An award-winning reporter for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans. He led the paper’s investigation of what went wrong on the Deepwater Horizon rig and broke several stories about key engineering decisions that contributed to the BP well blowout. His beats since the oil spill also include the drilling moratorium and Kenneth Feinberg’s administration of spill claims. Hammer is a seventh-generation New Orleanian and a graduate of Harvard University. He worked five years for newspapers in New England and four years with The Associated Press.

    Dr. Len Bahr – The former director of the Governor’s Applied Coastal Science Program who currently publishes the La Coast Post website.

    Drake Toulouse- A BP and Gulf Coast Claims Facility critic who writes at Disenfranchised Citizen.

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