More about the (not) leaking Macondo Well…

is more than just what you can get the public to believe...

Ed Note: The USCG now taking a fresh look at pictures of the oil they previously denied was there.

Look, I’m not trying to play the role of conspiracy buff here, but if there is one thing any of us who follow the oil spill news knows, it is:

1. Truth takes a second place to narrative.

2. Order of response: deny everything, and if caught denying, then deny it again.

I think back to the arguments about flow rates, the toxicity of Corexit and whether it was still being used, about how much wildlife was being killed, the keeping of photographers and news people out of the spill zone, BP’s purchasing of scientists at universities, all the issues of transparency with the GCCF, the killing of cameras at the well head…etc…

It’s about the control of information, and with this control, the narrative can be manipulated in favor of BP, Feinberg, the government or whoever…whoever is paying the most to control said narrative.

So, keeping all that in mind, we come back to the question that Stuart Smith continues to investigate, what is going on at the Macondo Well? Is it leaking again? Is the sea floor rupturing?

Frankly, I sure as hell hope not, course my hopes are centered on the people and the environment of the region. I would imagine that BP really hopes not too, course…we know what their main concern is… Correct, the safety and welfare of adorable puppies and kittens worldwide, and especially in the Gulf. So, BP denies there is oil coming from the Macondo well site. BP denies they hired any boats to skim for oil. The Coast Guard (about as independent from BP as Feinberg) also denies the same things and so we can go back home now, get some rest, forget about it…

Yet, then we read:

BP’s Denial Upended: Gulf Flyover Surveillance Reveals Large Amount of Surface Oil at Deepwater Horizon Site

And then, the next day we read:

More Questions for BP: Why Is There a Massive Oil Production Vessel at the Deepwater Horizon Site?

And also:

Why hasn’t all the oil gone?

And one starts to wonder…

Are we fighting another narrative war, all over again?

Because BP and the Coast Guard denying any oil is leaking from the site of the Deepwater Horizon is a familiar one, it’s what they maintained days after the oil rig exploded and sank, days before the oil began to flow, days before their narrative was exposed as a facade.

Hopefully, that won’t be the case…again.

Have a nice day.

2 thoughts on “More about the (not) leaking Macondo Well…

  1. Drake,

    Oil is again leaking from previously reported seafloor fissures which were surveyed over a year ago and discussed by Prof. Robert Bea, BK Lim (Geohazard Specialist) and others. The recent Transocean and DNV reports show the seabed BOP was not “at fault”. It was just blown away by a masive sudden jet stream of gas which had as it’s source in-situ Gas Hydrate layers in the seafloor. These frozen natural methane gas layers were melted by the cement surrounding the well. The expanded gas blew through the outer casing which was damaged as a result of uncontrolled drilling through shallow sand layers which were washed out and collapsed, causing casing buckling/bending. The gas then shot through one or more of 3 “Burst Disks” located (for future use in a Production Well!) on the middle 16″ casing and into the drillstring and up. That gas stream siphoned up oil from reservoir level after it blew the casing shoe at the base of the well. Oil then flowed for a long time up to seabed but also through the casing breaks (quantity unknown obviously) and out, eventually to seafloor.

    The Gallowglaich

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