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Just a few words about the thing, that thing that happened…

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That thing, that thing right over there!

That thing happening right over there…

Hey, remember that thing that happened, that thing in the news, that thing in the news you read a couple of articles about?

Yeah, that thing, those articles you skimmed through looking for items, opinions and maybe a couple of facts that agreed with the opinions you feel very strongly about, opinions you formed from reading a couple of other articles about similar things a while back.

Right, and remember how you sat down to your favorite bit of online social media to write about the thing, to make sweeping generalizations about the people involved not only in that thing, but in things like it in the news over the past months, years, however long, things you also read a couple of articles about at the time…you think, pretty sure you read about it, and oh yeah, you heard something about it on the radio once, and maybe your favorite podcast or pundit platform: after all, that thing is really big in the news right now.

Okay, well, just a suggestion, but maybe turn off your computer before hitting enter on that thing you’re writing and go out to have some conversations instead.

I can’t say this for sure, but chances are there is a lot more to this thing than you know (even with those articles you read or words you heard on the television and radio), and what you’re about to post, this will really only resonate with people who have also not had conversations, nor any real first hand knowledge with things like this, and if those people are the only people who will, in fact, hear what you have to say about that thing, and will then write more sweeping generalizations in the comments section to the thing you wrote, who does this really benefit?

Does it seek answers to the thing, or is it just a confirmation to how you feel about the thing that happened, while adding nothing to any sort of resolution?

Writing like that about these kinds of things is kind of selfish and self interested, if you think about it…and maybe with less generalized writing and more conversations in real life, there could be less of those things happening, period. Hell, maybe with more conversations in real life, and fewer diatribes on social media that don’t really say a whole lot about the thing, instead saying much more about the person writing the thing they read something about, once or twice, we could live in a better world where conversations take the place of things entirely.

It’s just a thought…

Have a nice day, or something.



Written by Drake Toulouse

August 15, 2016 at 9:49 AM

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