Building It Again

001 - A Self Portrait

So here we go again.

This would simply be an opening salvo…whereas once this site was active and a part of my regular life, that was a long, long time ago now…what, two posts in the past three years.

Thinking I can do better, especially as I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to move away from Twitter, not entirely, but for the most part. Add onto this my disgust with facebook, and an inability to get involved with Instagram.

And this brings me back here:

So, what’s new with me?

Well, I’ve been working at the same place for four years now, running a program to treat people with HCV in Chicago. I’m also finishing a novel and have been spending a lot of time shooting photographs mostly in Chicago, but also in San Francisco and New Orleans.

So what to expect here?

Writing on Chicago, on New Orleans, on the national front, on the Sharks and Saints as well as fiction and photography. Understandable this will be largely ignored and likely dismissed. Who really needs one more voice in a world that’s just too fucking loud as it is already?

Don’t care.

I need a place to vent, and Twitter ain’t cutting it for me…too easy, too toxic with everyone else’s toxicity and not enough of my own. How many times can you tweet at the President anyway? He ain’t listening, certainly not to me…

Fuck him.

Anywhoo…here we go, building this up over the next few weeks so we’ll see you soon and finally –

Have a nice day.



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