You Can’t Heal – 5

State and Lake – Loop – Chicago

The inauguration is the day after tomorrow. 20,000 National Guard soldiers in DC. Articles today talked about screening being done to ensure none of these men or women have violence on their minds and are committed to peaceful transition of power.

Covid19 continues to rage across the country and the world while some would still argue about the efficacy and liberty of wearing masks.

Everyone seeking to redefine patriotism in their own image.

Cults and Gods and Fears and Worries about Cults and Gods and Patriotism and…Nazi’s are back.

A lot remains of my time in Chicago, before I’m able to return to San Francisco. New tragedies will emerge while current tragedies evolve or mute. I’m reading a book about being comfortable with uncertainty, practices for adjustment, bought a few months ago on a trip to Denver, awhile before it was formally decided I was leaving Chicago. I discussed renewing our wedding vows with my partner before I leave, and we’re in agreement to do this, a small gathering with friends.

Small, intimate symbols are important, far more important than Patriotism and Cults and Fears and Gods and 20,000 soldiers in DC. Choose your own battles, but always stand for truth.

Have a nice day, and take a moment to remember Martin Luther King.


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