You Can’t Heal – 7

Broadway and Belle Plaine Avenue – Chicago

Too many politicians remind me of dry alcoholics.

They may want to change, and their poison of choice may have been removed, yet they still hold onto old ways. One new member of the House of Representatives filled out his communications staff and not his legislative. Helping Americans comes a distant second to building their own brand through exclusive interviews and speeches and being firm in their conviction that assholery is the new virtue, the singular virtue that supersedes any other pretense. They excuse their behavior saying they’re only thinking of the constituents they were elected to represent, forgetting they are there to represent all the people of the their districts, to be leaders and not simply insult spewing Pez-dispensers.

To do this would require the time, effort and work of building legislation.

It would require compromise and conversation, actions made impossible by reveling in a walk around the metal detector, or tweeting burpee videos or spending the majority of time focused on being social media trolls instead of elected members of a legislative body.

And they wait, breathlessly for their first opportunity to go south on a field trip for one more sip, just one more drink of poison. Five dead and scores more injured, at the behest of fallacy and troll points, taking sip after sip of an empty glass pretending it was all too real, telling their constituents how thin air is nothing less than the finest whiskey.

Not serious people, they are only puppets to masters.

Have a nice day,


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