Monster theory…

I recently discovered a school of thought called Monster Theory. From what I’ve gathered thus far it is a mix of social and critical theory that studies the link between monsters and the cultures from which they’re produced. There’s a lot to see there, and also a question for me in these days of tribalism/division/attacks on diversity/rise of fascism and the years of the virus: what monsters will we produce?

Will these monsters be less of the supernatural variety and more the people in power?

Will it be those that buy social media companies and turn them on the people?

Will it be the people with the biggest flags and the biggest holy books telling everyone how they must live, in order to be a true American?

And what of this truth, in this country where there is no longer a singular truth and just a collection of opinions masquerading as versions of truth suitable to every prejudice?

More to come on Monster Theory as I continue to read. Maybe we’ll find that within each of us is a monster that we’ve been living with all along, and we ourselves are a beastly composite of the ugliest sides of surrounding culture, reflecting back truth as if merely a mirrored surface?

And maybe I just need to get some more sleep. 🙂



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