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Uptown2My name is Drake Toulouse and I live in Chicago.

I’ve discovered photography in the past few years and continue to work, develop and use it as a way of meeting (or not meeting people) in the streets that make up this city. I’ve had many enjoyable conversations with strangers, some of whom I see on a regular basis, brought together by wandering around with a camera.

Photography wasn’t my first pursuit; prior to and continuing are the many years writing and a long rewarding career as a social worker that has taken me from Chicago to Seattle and near a decade spent in San Francisco. The people I’ve met through my work and on the streets are very important to me, in the times we’ve shared as well as to my own history and narratives, and much of the work on this site is another way these narratives continue.

New Orleans is also a very special place to me, though I don’t use it for photographs. Much like the break I took from social work to live there for a time, that oh so singular place is also where I go to take a break from the camera.

So why mention it?

Why not?

This is my point of view and I get to choose how to express it…and likewise, street photography is the way I’ve chosen to express my current home visually, enjoying both it’s immediacy and the stories that abound. Besides, I wouldn’t know what to do with a model if one were to agree to a shoot in that photography studio I don’t own.

PS…the writing too will soon commence.

Have a nice day.


PPS…I’m also on Flickr: Drake Toulouse.

Feel free to contact: Draketoulouse@gmail.com

Images for sale at Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/drake-toulouse.html

Other prints also available.





3 Comments Add yours

  1. Glad to do it, you have a great deal of valuable information that needs to get out there…have a nice day…

  2. You are, at least til’ I’m able to move back next year…:)

    1. dsb says:

      Good luck getting back. Until then I’ll hold things down hockey-wise.

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