Monster theory…

I recently discovered a school of thought called Monster Theory. From what I’ve gathered thus far it is a mix of social and critical theory that studies the link between monsters and the cultures from which they’re produced. There’s a lot to see there, and also a question for me in these days of tribalism/division/attacks on diversity/rise of fascism and the years of the virus: … Continue reading Monster theory…


Standing at the corner of Eddy and Polk Street in San Francisco, looking at the combination KFC/Taco Bell restaurant, thinking. Do I want greasy fried chicken? That’d give me heartburn, but Taco Bell is so much what the fuck did I just eat? Maybe I should go somewhere else, get a slice of pizza at the place up the street. I glance left where crack … Continue reading Connections

Errant Words on the Fourth

Be a patriot. Celebrate the founding fathers. Celebrate the country, the formation of the country, the exceptionalism of the country I was blessed to be born within but months ago, on the phone with my father, “I don’t really have that experience of pride about this place. That hasn’t been, not since I was a little kid,” Cloaking pride of patriots and flags and symbols … Continue reading Errant Words on the Fourth


Over twenty years ago I had a singular experience. I was in the Pacific Northwest driving on the 520 Bridge spanning Lake Washington between Seattle and Bellevue. The morning sun was coming up. The floating bridge rocked gently on the water. I pushed the accelerator down, smoking a cigarette as I drove towards my apartment on the Seattle side of the lake. My car windows … Continue reading Stripped

And then this happened…

One thing I’ve learned since I got into photography, had shows, had purchases, etc….is that a lot of people say a lot of things and to never take it at face value. I was approached by Don Springer over email, asking me if I would be interested in having an interview and images in Inspired Eye. He’s an exception, and I appreciate it. Have … Continue reading And then this happened…

You Can’t Heal – 7

Too many politicians remind me of dry alcoholics. They may want to change, and their poison of choice may have been removed, yet they still hold onto old ways. One new member of the House of Representatives filled out his communications staff and not his legislative. Helping Americans comes a distant second to building their own brand through exclusive interviews and speeches and being firm … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 7

You Can’t Heal – 6

“There‚Äôs a garden on the bay side of Telegraph Hill called the Filbert Steps, and it runs down from the heights of Coit Tower to Levi Plaza right across from San Francisco Bay. They used to make Levis in San Francisco. They used to make a lot of things here. They used to plan for large, public gardens like the Steps, a once beautiful scene … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 6

You Can’t Heal – 5

The inauguration is the day after tomorrow. 20,000 National Guard soldiers in DC. Articles today talked about screening being done to ensure none of these men or women have violence on their minds and are committed to peaceful transition of power. Covid19 continues to rage across the country and the world while some would still argue about the efficacy and liberty of wearing masks. Everyone … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 5