In here is more important than out there…

Ken Feinberg, before the audit pushed him under the water...and held him there...

Internals and externals…

Why do I do what I do? Why do I write the things I do on the internet? For what purpose?

Do I believe that by writing all the things I’ve written over the past year or so about British Petroleum, Ken Feinberg, the GOP, Barack Obama and whatever else will create a world of my liking…that British Petroleum will finally admit just how bad they’ve fucked up, and how yes, they could have been more careful and now…they are truly ready to make things right in the Gulf Coast? Or maybe Ken Feinberg will finally admit he could have done a much better job at compensating people for British Petroleum’s cluster-fuck rather than hiding behind a bunch of platitudes such as – look how much I’ve paid out! Look how many claims we’ve received! Hey, this is a lot better than Road Home…right right? Just one more blog post and Ken will fess up, review the claims again, give the benefit of the doubt, really be more generous than any court of law, stop being content with a reasonable margin of error and make sure that nobody, zero…no deserving claims go unpaid. Or maybe the next post I write will finally convince greedhead dipshits like Cantor, Boehner, McConnell and all the corporations they enable how the main goal in life, and the main theorem of their oft-espoused Poli- Christianity is not “Fuck that guy! I got mine!”

Hmm…I’m thinking none of this is very likely.

BP will continue to be BP up to, and including their next environmental disaster and employee death.

Ken Feinberg will continue to get rich from the denial of his conscience.

Politicians will continue to spin, help the haves get more so they can retain whatever it is they are trying to retain in lieu of a fucking soul.

Oh, and New Orleans will still have crime and poverty problems because nobody local, state or national really wants to do that much about the cause, instead preferring to criminalize the symptoms of all these problems we have.

Okay…so then, why write at all…because, sometimes, in here is more important than out there.

The reasons why I do what I do is because it’s what I know how to do and by doing it…this helps me get along in my day to days. Venting. Expressing. Blowing off steam so I don’t start looking fondly at Guns and Ammo magazine. These things help maintain a balance within myself and continue on down the roads of self-cultivation as I filter my experiences through eastern philosophies for context and a greater understanding of my condition and how it relates to the world…out there.

And hey, if it helps or gives some enjoyment to others along the way?


So keeping all that in mind, a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of the New Orleans Ladder, I read Nicholas Payton’s blog post entitled Fuck the 99% and my initial reaction to this piece was Fuck Nicholas Payton. His post seemed pretty judgmental (something I know a lot about) very cynical and way off base, at least from my experience on why people in the 99% movement were/are involved in the 99% movement…and he seemed to be saying that people should focus on inner peace and if they did, the world would take care of itself. My initial reaction aside, I did some more thinking about what he said as far as living authentic, connected lives and letting that outside world take care of itself and I realized Payton was right…and wrong.

I believe we need to do both.

We need demonstrations, anger in the streets and more connection to our surrounding communities…and we also need to take a hard look at ourselves and where we’re at and why it is we do what we do and how to come to terms with all of it…to find peace within.

Oh, and just when you think you’ve got yourself figured out?

Then, look again.

Developing inner peace as an internal reflection to what we wish for from an external world is just as important as being involved in helping to create that world, be it demonstrations, teaching, writing, family, what have you…so yeah…we enter a new year, and in here may be more important than out there, but out there is still something to pay attention to, be happy with or angry about and then respond accordingly, the best way you see fit.

And one of the actions I’ve chosen, along this road, is to write, and even if whatever I write never matters to anyone at all…it does matter to me, and my continuing search for balance…so, so be it…

And, when it does come to that external world:

1. Here’s hoping the federal audit of the GCCF is more than a smokescreen providing economic and political cover to Feinberg, British Petroleum and the Obama Administration.

2. Here’s hoping that criminal charges against British Petroleum finally come.

3. Here’s hoping we get to cheer the New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl, and the same goes for the San Jose Sharks and the Stanley Cup.


Have a nice day.


Merry Christmas all…

Yeah Santa...Bob lives in that house right over there and then two blocks west, you'll find Ken...

Hey everybody…

Yeah, I’m still around, preparing to launch back into things on the 1st of the year, but I couldn’t let the days get by without some holiday wishes to all in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast…

Best to everybody this season…Christmas, New Years and everything else everybody celebrates…

Me, I’ll be driving even further north than I already am to spend time with family and on Monday night, take over the television to watch the Saints destroy the Falcons in the Dome!

Merry Christmas!

Go Saints!

And of course, screw British Petroleum…I’d wish the Claus’d put coal in every one of your stockings but you’d just turn around and try to sell it anyway…

– Drake

Saints vs. Indianapolis, Curtis Painter, Sobriety and Zzzzzz….

I'm thinking the Saints got this one...

Sometimes, I think I like the drink a little too much.

‘Tis true…back in my early to mid-twenties, there was no question about it and during the time I actually lived in New Orleans, again…no doubt. I liked a pitcher or two, perhaps a bit more than I should have but hell, in New Orleans I was taking a break from my social work career and tending bar in the French Quarter for fun and a change of pace so, no worries…the drinks were flowing and good times were had by all, and I can’t say it ever cost me anything. No failed relationships, lost jobs, drunk driving arrests…nothing. I tend to be more of the fun-loving, grease the wheels, laugh a little harder and a little longer, all good kind of buzzed.

Nonetheless, there have been times in my life when I felt the need to take a break from it all, like when I’m trying to focus especially hard on what I need to accomplish and that meant no distractions so, ya cut out the bad food, the booze, the cigarettes, television for the most part…etc.

Distractions, you know? Get rid of them until the task is done.

And until the game tonight this had been one of those times…but come on, Saints versus Indianapolis?

This game is the perfect storm.

Not only do I not have tonight off, which means I am free to relax and watch the game at my leisure, but I don’t have to work tomorrow either. Yep, got Monday off and on Tuesday, I only have to work like two hours, mid-afternoon.

Oh, but more important than all that?

Curtis Painter.

Yes…the Curtis Painter. That gridiron legend, the ironman quarterback threatening Brett Favre’s consecutive games played record…Indianapolis Colts Superstar, Curtis Painter. One of the highest paid, most talented quarterbacks in the game…Curtis Painter, and he is set to make this the game!

Oh yeah, we all know how Indianapolis is an aging team, they don’t quite have the running game or the receivers they once had; their defense is getting old and hitting opposing quarterbacks with canes and walkers, but so long as the Colts have Curtis Painter, so long as he calls the signals, executes his pin-point passing and hands off the ball like there is no tomorrow, the Colts, well, even with all their other deficiencies, they always have a Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


Oh, halftime’s over? Cool, hand me a beers, few of them okay?

Thanks for waking me up…

Go Saints, enjoy the game all!

Saints vs. Tampa Bay and…uh, my grandparents?

You get to Tiki, through Ronde...

Editor’s note: Okay, that was a big pile of suck-ass, but not something anyone didn’t see coming. When I hear announcers on ESPN calling the Saints the second best team in the NFL, I love it, absolutely love it…but…how many times you going to win on a last minute drive? Well, not every…not this week…and that’s when the status comes into question…oh, and did I mention:


So this week, the Saints go to Florida, to Tampa, where they play the Buccaneers and I swear to God, whenever I hear about this place, this Tampa…this Tampa Bay, it makes me so damned, uh, it…actually, I got nothing against Tampa Bay. Kind of like it, some good memories and such. My grandparents used to live in Tampa and I was fortunate as a youth to twice go to Tampa and see them, play in the Gulf, go to Busch Gardens and see the giraffes. For some reason I always remember the giraffes from that place and one time we went to this restaurant where, for the first time, I had frog legs. Go figure, I like frog legs, plus my grandfather, despite the faults I grew to recognize as I got older, was one of the better people I’ve ever known…hell, I’m wearing his ring right now. He was a train conductor, an artist and a good man, a baseball and hockey player and I remember he used to play this ukelele. I can still hear him singing, badly…oh, and he taught me to shoot pool, something that has come in quite handy over the years…

But wait, the Buccaneers, yeah, the Saints are going to kill ’em and I hate the Buc…

No I don’t, not really, and no wait, I know…does Ronde Barber still play for them?

Hang on..let me check…

He does!

Okay, now we’re on to something…the Saints gotta destroy the Buccaneers to spite…no, not Ronde…but his brother, Tiki!

Yeah, screw Tiki Barber, that rotten son of a bitch!

This asshole retires from the Giants and then goes on to criticize Eli Manning, calling him an ineffective leader and then…wait for it…Eli leads the Giants to a Super Bowl win! Ha! Oh, and Tiki also leaves his wife for an NBC intern because someone is obviously having a mid-life crisis and then to further prove that point, decides to un-retire, only to find out there aren’t any interested NFL teams…and he just can’t understand why…

Pick me! I know why!

How about because you’re an immature egomaniac and total locker room poison, you ass.

Hell, if my grandfather hated anyone, (which he never did far as I know), he’d hate Tiki Barber…so, okay then…

The Saints gotta win this game for the city of New Orleans, and because it will cause discomfort for Tiki Barber to see Ronde lose…and tell you what, why not win this one for my grandfather too. He was a good man, a much better man than I…unlike him, I hate all kinds of people.

Enjoy the game.

Go Saints!

Saints vs. Jaguars…

Professional football players, not old, not going to Florida to die...


God, even the name is boring. I’m having a hard time getting up for this game, maybe it’s because its Florida, the nations graveyard.

You see, when you live in the north, what Florida’s really known for is being the place where people move to when they get old, you know, for the climate.

And when you hear that for a few decades, what Florida then becomes is that place where old people go to die.

No, not real appealing.

Plus, its got the humidity of New Orleans without the fun to make it worthwhile.

No thanks…Go Saints! Enjoy the game everybody.

Have a nice day.

Uh, did somebody say the Saints?!

Yeah, that one...

Though I grew up in Green Bay Packer territory, grew up watching the likes of Lynn Dickey, Don Majkowski and early Brett Farve…to this day, there’s only been one authentic football jersey I’ve ever owned and it was the New Orleans Saints, Pat Swilling #56.

Jersey’s long gone by now, but not a loyalty to a team that’s come to define something much more than just a sports franchise to so many. I won’t pretend to fill in said definitions for others, but I will say that when the Saints played that first game back in the Superdome, I was living in San Francisco at the time, watching and having a helluva good time. Believe I imbibed a beverage or several as well that Monday night…

So here’s to the first game of the season on a triumphant campaign…oh, and in my current living situation, I find myself almost entirely surrounded by Packer fans so please, I really want to make them pay for the next several weeks.

I want bragging rights.

Hell yeah, the New Orleans Saints!

And FYI…for excellent Saints coverage, if not familiar as of yet, please check into the wonderfully stylized and informative writings of one Grandmaster Wang at moosedenied…

Have a nice day everybody and enjoy the game!

Have I mentioned I hate Atlanta?

I didn't shoot him, but I know who did...and I like it.

Ed. Note…17-14…New Orleans over Atlanta…Who Dat!!!! And to Mr. Hartley…a 51 yarder…it almost, almost makes up for what you did in week three…like I’ve said before – though I do forgive you…the forgetting part is really, really hard…but, great kick tonight…

Go Saints!

Hey everybody.

So todays’ the day and yes, certainly the Green Bay win over the Giants helped and the Saints are practically in the playoffs by now and that’s all well and good, but more importantly…


And yeah, I’m looking at you Hartley.

I hate Atlanta. I hate the city, its people and its team. Perhaps a bit irrational, sure…I’ll give you that but its my hatred and I won’t apologize for it. I hate Atlanta like they are the Detroit Red Wings, the New York Yankees and the Miami Heat all wrapped up in one giant ball of raccoon fecal matter. I hate Atlanta like I’m considering a chalk “X” on the third pew from the back on the farthest left of St. Louis Cathedral. I hate Atlanta because I hate the movie “Top Gun” and every time I hear Ryan referred to as “Matty Ice,” it makes me think of this piece of shit frat boy rah-rah false patriot war death bravado film, and then I hate Atlanta even more.

I hate Atlanta because I hate their airport, except for the Popeye’s chicken stand, it’s terminals are long and fucking evil.

Now, I love me some New Orleans Saints and that love is an unconditional thing so I will support them no matter what happens (Hartley?), but I just got buried in a foot of snow and I don’t get to go back to New Orleans for another 18 days so you win, I win…win-win…Atlanta loses, Happy New Year…

Go Saints!

Go to hell, Atlanta…

This has been a public service announcement…

Have a nice day.

And now, a word from our sponsors…Baltimore Sucks Version

Ed. Note…ok, Baltimore won, but they still suck and the next game in Atlanta is all the more important…and I really hate Atlanta…

Sometimes, you need a break…

Rob Zombie – Superbeast

“Shriek the lips across ragged tongue, convulsing together, sing violently,

move the jaw, cry out loud, bound up the dead, triumphantly”

The hidden subtext?

Obviously…     The Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints are comin’ to town…ya better duck…

Have a nice day.