Errant Words on the Fourth

Be a patriot. Celebrate the founding fathers. Celebrate the country, the formation of the country, the exceptionalism of the country I was blessed to be born within but months ago, on the phone with my father, “I don’t really have that experience of pride about this place. That hasn’t been, not since I was a little kid,” Cloaking pride of patriots and flags and symbols … Continue reading Errant Words on the Fourth

You Can’t Heal – 5

The inauguration is the day after tomorrow. 20,000 National Guard soldiers in DC. Articles today talked about screening being done to ensure none of these men or women have violence on their minds and are committed to peaceful transition of power. Covid19 continues to rage across the country and the world while some would still argue about the efficacy and liberty of wearing masks. Everyone … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 5