This past Friday…

This past Friday I was able to call three clients and let them know their treatment had been successful, and their Hepatitis C was cured. Then I had a chicken burrito for dinner and finished off the night by taking psychedelic mushrooms and listening to music without thinking for awhile. It was all quite pleasant. And…Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz and that idiot from Colorado … Continue reading This past Friday…

You Can’t Heal – 7

Too many politicians remind me of dry alcoholics. They may want to change, and their poison of choice may have been removed, yet they still hold onto old ways. One new member of the House of Representatives filled out his communications staff and not his legislative. Helping Americans comes a distant second to building their own brand through exclusive interviews and speeches and being firm … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 7

You Can’t Heal – 6

“There‚Äôs a garden on the bay side of Telegraph Hill called the Filbert Steps, and it runs down from the heights of Coit Tower to Levi Plaza right across from San Francisco Bay. They used to make Levis in San Francisco. They used to make a lot of things here. They used to plan for large, public gardens like the Steps, a once beautiful scene … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 6

You Can’t Heal – 2

I had a conversation yesterday with my partner in the little house we bought in the Midwest where we discussed concepts of home, and how though this little house was my home, my other was in San Francisco. We’ve had this discussion before, but there was a lot more weight behind it this time. We’ve lived cross country from each other in the past, and … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 2

You Can’t Heal – 1

A few months ago I began shooting a photography series called “You Can’t Heal,” a title that includes direct reference to substance use and addiction. The full line is “You can’t heal in the environment where you got sick,” and that environment could be many things, a social group, work, family, a relationship, a city. It can also refer to any sort of addiction or … Continue reading You Can’t Heal – 1