BP Declares Climate Change Over…

This photograph is obviously the concoction of Oil Spill Truthers

…they also report the Deepwater Horizon never sank, the oil never spilled, the Texas Refinery never blew up and certainly, nobody ever died. Oh yeah, and you know their pipelines in Alaska, the ones that have been written about so splendidly as of late by Propublica? Well, didn’t you know that when BP’s corrosion monitoring company inspected the oil pipes and gave them an “F” rating, that, in fact, is a good thing, a positive development, a sign that all is well with British Petroleum, and those pipes certainly wouldn’t not leak, and their refineries, they will never not explode and never not kill anyone again.

And in a related story…BP spokespeople were finally reached about reports of dead and dying coral covered in brown substance several miles from the not busted well head. Asked about the dying marine life by¬†long time reporters¬†in the Gulf Coast, BP reportedly said, “Dying? I know you are but what am I?”

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BP Defends ‘F’ Ratings on Alaska Oil Pipelines

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