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This Friday, 2pm @ the CAC….please attend the press conference for the documentary film, The Big Fix.  More info at the Krewe of Truth.

This film is extremely important as it’s the best chance the Gulf Coast has of exposing the truth of what’s actually happened in the wake of the BP oil spill.  I will be at the presser shooting it…I think it’s important to document everything that has gone on in the wake of this spill in order to at least set the historic record straight.

If you haven’t already, check out his post from yesterday, including pictures taken of the oil, BP oil, still hitting the barrier islands off the coast of Mississippi…

Here’s the link:

The Big Fix

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Thanks Mr. Dudley, but why don’t I feel better?

We are so, so sorry our screw-up has resulted in more scrutiny to the business and environmental practices of each and every one of your companies...oh, and to those fishing type people too, and um, the dolphins, sorry for the dead dolphins...our bad.

Bob Dudley apologized for the oil spill on Tuesday.

Bob Dudley apologized for the oil spill by saying “BP is sorry. BP gets it,” adding, “We need to earn back your trust, along with that of state and federal leaders and the trust of Gulf Coast residents and customers…we are determined we will once again restore that trust, and I realize this requires action, not words.”

When Bob Dudley apologized for the oil spill, he made this apology at the CERA gathering, speaking to a collection of industry bigwigs in the corporate oil and gas community.

“Actions, not words,” he said.

In light of that statement, it should also be known that in the past couple of weeks Bob Dudley and BP have reneged on promised assistance for the restoration of the oyster beds in Louisiana, they have low-balled requests by Gulf Coast states for money to help boost tourism, they have made no statements on the increasing sicknesses across the Gulf Coast from exposure to toxic fumes and they have also complained that the meager payments to claimants from Ken Feinberg and the GCCF are too high.

“Actions, not words…”

Perhaps more important than a mea culpa at a conference for industry insiders, Bob Dudley should apologize for the oil spill in each and every affected home in Grand Isle, Lousiana, in the fishing communities of Plaquemines Parish, in Gulfport, in the bayou, all across Alabama and Florida and in every other affected community along the Gulf Coast.

I understand it could be argued that this kind of demand is unreasonable, unrealistic and excessive…maybe, but so was the flood of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the dumping of Corexit dispersants and the loss of life on the Deepwater Horizon.

Making things right is not a generic PR apology to your buddies at an oil industry conference. Sorry Bob, that’s just one more half-assed stunt with no real accountability.

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