Gulf Recovery Act?

I will eat my words…okay, well some of them if this comes to pass…this is from Anderson Cooper where Douglas Brinkley is discussing a Gulf Recovery Act, on the magnitude of the St. Lawrence Seaway…all funded by BP and TransOcean for what they’ve done. If this is correct they will go after these assholes for breaking the National Resource Damage Act and the Oil Spill Response Act…suing these companies for 15 billion dollars and then using the proceeds to re-direct the Mississippi River into the wetlands to both drive out the oil and then let the sediment this river diversion will bring start re-building the wetlands into what they once were, well before this oil spill occurred.

One caveat: Read Bienville’s Dilemma by Richard Campenella of Tulane University, a phenomenal book about New Orleans history from a geographic perspective with a good message, essentially that every time we mess with the geography, we create as many problems as we solve…though at this point…I wouldn’t know what else to do but re-direct the river to rebuild the wetlands.

Hurricane protection, people!

We’ll see if it comes to pass…But if it does…a million times thank you…

And, have a nice day…okay, now I’m going on vacation…

Click the link below for the full story from Crooks and Liars:

 Doug Brinkley: Administration is Going to Come Out With a Large Gulf Recovery Act

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