Yes, there is now oil in Lake Pontchartrain

Coming Soon to New Orleans

Despite all the Corexit, all the booms (skimmers?) everything that BP and Obama says they are doing in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil has now reached Lake Pontchartrain…well, this brings a whole new reality to the city of New Orleans.

Take a look at the map to the right and realize how far that oil had to travel to get there, if there were more skimmers would this have happened? I suppose it was inevitable, but it really does demonstrate just how screwed this thing has been from beginning to end. The oil has now reached every single gulf state (Good morning, Texas!) and according to a government study, has an 80% chance of reaching southern Florida.

Excellent article in the Times Picayune that covers this very subject and hit the link to meet Kindra Arnesen who makes a very good point and is in a position to know when she reminds, all the waters of the world are connected and to think that this oil won’t get everywhere, you’re just allowing BP to feed you one more lie.

Read on:

Tar Balls Reach Lake Pontchartrain from the Times Picayune

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