BP Claims Top Hat 10 Could Completely Stop Gusher, Now The Pressure’s On Everybody

Pressure's on...

I sure as hell hope this works and I for one will be glad to nod my head towards those that helped get this thing sealed, but there will be no “thank you’s” in the offing.

There will only be more pressure…pressure on BP to “make things right,” as they say. This is America and our attention span is short, and once the majority of Americans hear that the oil has stopped, how many days, hours, minutes will it take for the channel to be changed?

Change the channel? Yes, British Petroleum is counting on it, and if we do, BP will begin to walk away from everything they’ve promised. It’s guaranteed, and in some ways they’ve already begun.

Want proof?

Within the “reduction of assistance to 40,000 people” story making the rounds the past two days, there is an important side note that must not be forgotten:

From an article in Raw Story:

Louisiana’s Secretary for Children and Family Services, Kristy Nichols suggested that BP’s willingness to pay claims may be correlated to the political pressure it’s feeling to respond to the oil spill.

“Analysis has shown that BP issued the most claims checks in the middle of June, with a spike that came within a week of additional pressure placed on BP by the State. Payments to large loss claimants show the same type of spike immediately after the state pressured BP regarding those claims,” she wrote.

So if this cap works, let’s all remember as the pressure to stop the well fades, we strengthen the pressure on British Petroleum to fulfill their obligations, responsibilities and promises because if the pressure stops, so will BP.

Representatives from British Petroleum say it will take 6-48 hours to see if the Top Hat works, so stay tuned…and tuned…

and tuned in…

And read on:

BP Cuts payments to 40,000

BP Claims Top Hat Could Completely Stop Gusher

Ideas anyone, how to keep the pressure going?

Have a nice day.

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