Jindal’s Sand Berms Already Washing Away

I made a sand berm, "this big"

Great article I haven’t seen in too many places, but remember Bobby’s sand berm’s, his…I ain’t going to listen to no stupid scientists, I’m going to build ’em anyway, I am the governor of Louisiana and future President so I know what I’m doing, take charge moment? Yeah, the construction equipment being used to build the things is sinking faster than they can pour on the sand. For those of you keeping score:

Scientists: 1

Jindal: 0

Guess there’s no need to worry about the oil being funneled into or the fish being unable to access the marsh because of these berms; the relentless pounding of the Gulf is disintegrating them faster than Jindal’s presidential aspirations. See the pictures, read the article…hate to wish ill on a guy or any method of trying to do something, anything…but doing something for the sake of being able to say you are proactive, don’t necessarily make it the thing to do. How much time and money did you waste Bobby? Just activate the National Guard you got at your disposal already…

Read the article…

Jindal’s Artificial Islands are Crumbling Into the Gulf of Mexico

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