Just in case you forgot…yeah, the coasts and marshes are still being coated with oil…

Oh yeah...oil in the marshes...but does the cap work?

Maybe it’s me, maybe I have been so focused on the pressure readings from the well and all they entail, that for a moment I forgot about the fisherman, the wildlife, the beaches and all those industries still being contaminated by the oil from British Petroleum’s catastraphuk.

What? Can’t see the forest through the trees? Yeah, something like that.

Here’s an article from the Washington Post about a recent protest in Grand Isle, Louisiana where we are all reminded that yes, people are getting sick, oil is washing up on the beaches, the booms still aren’t working and again…where are all the skimmers?

Case you missed it, the Big Whale, the huge skimmer from Taiwan was retired, it doesn’t work. Why? Because BP has used too many dispersants and the oil is too thin, but not thin enough to keep ruining the marshes and beaches and thousands of people’s livelihoods…

Read on…

Signs of the Times: Oil Spill Victims on Grand Isle Protest

And have a nice day…

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