And I’d just like to add…

Nope, not quite...

Barack? Mr. President?

Your leadership on the issue of not extending Bush’s tax cuts to the wealthy has been one of the biggest clusterfucks I have ever witnessed. Not only did you cave in, yet again, you decided to also add a cut in payroll taxes that will directly affect the amount of money going into social security?

I keep hearing how that program is going broke and how people of my generation will not have that as a retirement fallback, so how does this help? How does any of this help anybody, unless you are in the top 1% of this country?

Enjoy your press conference today, Mr. President…where you will demonstrate, yet again, how the people in power in this country have washed their hands of the 99% of us who are supposed to hang out, hand you a towel and hope for a tip.

Have a nice day.

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