From Critical Resistance on Sheriff Gusman and the new OPP…

5800 beds?

Worth a look…$250,000,000 on a new prison, yet Charity Hospital remains closed…what’s the intended message?

From Critical Resistance in New Orleans:

New Orleans Sheriff Marlon Gusman and other city officials are trying to push forward the expansion of the notorious Orleans Parish Prison(OPP) which would add 5,800 new beds, extend the prison 9-10 city blocks, and cost $250 million. Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) is already the largest per capita county jail of any major US city, while resources for housing, education, job training, and healthcare continue to be cut or remain deeply underfunded.

In an effort to stop construction and shrink the prison system in the city, CR-NOLA has been working nonstop with allies and community member, trying to build people power in order to shift vital resources away from the PIC and toward building thriving, sustainable, self-determined communities.

Click here to watch the video and get contact information for Critical Resistance – New Orleans…

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